3 Ways To Boost Confidence: Techniques to Supercharge Your Success

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There are various ways to boost confidence that can really shift the trajectory of your life. You can speak in public, create plans for your future, take risks, and much more. But what happens when you loose confidence? How do you get it back?

The solutions are simple once you understand the problem. Here are three ways to develop confidence in yourself and build more self-esteem.

What are 3 Confidence Boosting Techniques and Why Should I Use them?


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There are various techniques that can boost our confidence but today, I'm just covering 3 of them.

These three confidence boosting strategies DO WORK but you also want to take a look at how to increase your confidence vibe too so if you're ready, read on.

Reading self-improvement articles and books can be a good investment in yourself but making a real effort to apply the strategies to your life, is what's really important to consider and what most people really struggle with when they're trying to boost confidence.

For example, there’s a big difference between knowing how to do a pushup and doing 25 pushups each day.

Knowing what it takes to build confidence won’t get the job done. Application is critical. That said, let's just dive into the confidence boosting techniques.

1. The first technique to boost your confidence is all about you focusing on the wrong thing.

If you feel like you were drawn the short straw as far as confidence goes and you feel, uneasy, anxious or even reluctant in social scenarios, here's something to try. Learn to concentrate your focus on other people and what they're saying or doing instead of concentrating on your own awkwardness.

For example, if you're at a networking meeting, think about what it is that is interesting about the person that you're talking with. Another thing you can do is to ask them to chat even more by having a genuine curiosity about what they're talking about.  Not only will you become instantly liked but you'll also begin to feel more confident.

You probably already realize this but people like to talk about themselves. Not only that but they have a need to feel heard and understood. They'll love it when you're eager to pay attention to them as well as actually hear what they're saying.

This confidence boosting technique of concentrating much more on others instead of your own awkwardness or feelings of not enough will soon dissipate as you continue to practice this. 

2. Dress for success if you want to boost cofidence!

This idea just may come across as a no-brainer, yet it's incredible just how much of a confidence booster it is when you're freshly showered, have a great haircut , nails done, etc. When you FEEL like a million bucks, your confidence level really peaks! 

Really think about that role model you may have who always has a confident image. They look good and they smell great. This one, simple confidence boosting technique is what they know-works! When you take the que and dress for success, you'll feel like a million bucks and have the confidence to go along with it.  

3. Let go of the internal dialogue that tells you that you're awkward. 

Believe it or not, our thoughts of ourselves are mostly to blame for our lack of confidence. Labeling yourself as odd, weird or unsociable, is what we need to address right now because if you're thinking these thoughts, it'll definitely interfere with boosting your confidence in a BIG way!

This label awkward or shy can come from events in our childhood from bullies for example or even from the fact that maybe we don't look like the "pretty people" in the magazines or on NetFlix. Rather than labeling ourselves in this way, simply picture and also affirm to yourself by saying you're confident and strong. You can close your your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself in the most ideal situations. 

There have been plenty of studies on self image being the answer to building strong self-esteem and confidence and visualization is a great confidence boosting technique you can try.

Mental methods like visualization such as winning or actually reaching that big, scary goal can create greater feelings of confidence and ultimately prepare your brain for success.

4. Hire a Life Coach

Working with a life coach can really help to increase your confidence. When you're dealing with past memories of people bullying you or maybe how you got fired, or whatever, you may be blocking yourself from experiencing life in the abundant way that you'd prefer to. 

Online coaching is quickly trending when people want to overcome ADHD, confidence, relationship issues or even leadership roles at work.

As your online life coach, I want you to realize that you can be so much more when you're truly becoming that best version of yourself that feels dynamic AND confident. Yes, it's absolutely possible. Why do I know? Because I've worked with THOUSANDS of people all over the world and have seen some pretty amazing transformations.  

Now Let's Talk Confident Vibes And How It Can Make Your Day!

Personally, I love affirmations or as I call them, declarations. It's a way to tap into your subconscious mind and affirm something strong. I've done other articles about affirmations which I'll link here and here and here, but let's just throw a few at you here to help boost that self-esteem!

The first confident vibe is "I am worth knowing." You should know your value and realize what makes you unique. You should not let anyone else dictate how to feel, because they are simply telling their story, not yours.

 The second confident vibe is "I am excited." It can be really exciting when someone reaches out for help or support with an idea that they want to turn into a reality or project that they want to take on. You should go with the flow and give them all the guidance they need to succeed!

The third confident vibe is "I am understanding." If you are open-minded, you are likely to accept people for who they are. You are likely to listen to their point of view, take them seriously, and respect their frame of reference.

How to Become More Optimistic & Encouraging in Your Conversations

There are plenty of ways that you can become more optimistic and encouraging in your conversations. You can start by speaking with a positive tone, using affirmative language, and building rapport with your audience.

 You can also try using small talk to encourage someone's positive conversation. When you are chatting with someone new, don't focus on all the bad things - instead, ask them about their life, what they do for work or what they do for fun.

 Lastly, if you've had a conversation where the other person has been down on themselves or pessimistic - try to think of something uplifting to say that will encourage them to feel better about themselves.

 Confident Vibes for Successful Results!

 It is CRITICAL that you believe in yourself. You absolutely must. This is the number one most important thing you can do to ensure that you get what you want.

 Remember, even if you are unsure of what you are doing but you are confident about it, you are guaranteed to get results. No matter what you are doing, even if you are unsure of your success, if you are confident in your actions, you will ultimately be successful. 

wonder woman pose, confidence boosting, improve confidence

Try doing the "Wonder Woman Pose" when you need to be extra confident.

This goes a long way to raise your confidence vibe. 

When you want to push beyond the limits of your mind and create the confidence boost that'll get you through anything, you'll need a strong mind. Commit to working on becoming a better version of yourself and go out in life and do what you want to do proudly and courageously.

What are some confidence hacks you've done to help boost your own confidence. Leave a comment below, inquiring minds want to know.

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