Speaking to Your Ideal Client: What do your peeps REALLY want?

speaking to your ideal client

Are you struggling with speaking to your ideal client? It’s not as easy as a lot of other seasoned entrepreneurs make it look because it actually takes serious practice! That said, it IS a simple concept. In this article, I’ll break it down for you so that you can easily start attracting the right people to you and building lasting connections with them.

Your clients have big goals that you want to help them with. Depending upon your niche, they might want to make more money, be healthier, find their soulmate, or get in shape. Maybe they just want to start a business in the first place or improve the relationships they already have.

While these are all the things they want on the surface level, it’s the true ‘WHY’ behind them that you NEED to know in order to speak to their hearts!

You there, wellness coach reading this! Do you know WHY she wants to be healthy?

Clearly, she wants to be healthy because she’ll look and feel good. What she may not be telling you is that she wants to release extra weight that came with her old emotional baggage. She’s ready to let go of her past, both in the mental sense AND the physical one, so that she can be totally in alignment to bring the healthy soulmate into her life that she sees herself with!

speaking to your ideal client

Hey, fellow business coaches! What’s driving her to come to you for help?

Obviously, she wants to make more money. What she’s keeping to herself is that she needs that money to provide her kids with an abundant, comfortable, secure, and stress-free start. What are her REAL fears? It’s not just, “I’m not making enough money.” It’s that she can’t provide for her family.

Here’s the trick you MUST master in your message: Speak to her desires, not just her goals. Winning over her HEART first and her wallet second.

With all of the clients that I talk to, I see the same pattern in each and every one of them. People don’t come to me just because they want a thriving business. It’s never as simple as wanting to be an entrepreneur for the heck of it. They come to me because of what elevating this business will MEAN to them!

Everything else that I share… the tips for branding, marketing, social media, and so on… those are all just very small facets of what I’m REALLY helping her do.

It’s that deeper meaning that you need to find. How do you find it? Like any other soul-searching strategy I suggest, the first thing you need to do is step away. Next, you need to find out which version of you that you’re talking to.

What do I mean by that, anyway? All of us start our business from a dream and a message that we’re just aching to get out there. A lot of the time, it’s something that we wish WE could’ve had before we started a journey of ours. That would be a past you that you’re talking to, and you need to reconnect with her to figure out how you can talk to all the past version of you that are still out there struggling.

Okay, maybe it isn’t a past you that you’re helping. It could be a current you. Are you still ON a journey? Are you taking others along for the ride? Then it’s easy for you to connect with her because she IS you right now! Think in terms of what your other current versions of you would want to hear about where you are. Relate to her. Be her friend and her partner on this journey.

If a true connection with your ideal audience is what you want, STOP talking about AT them about what you think they NEED. Start speaking TO them about what they WANT, because that’s what will attract new and loyal clients to you!

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  1. Its so important to really get to now your client, with any service provided, and make sure you are meeting their needs!

  2. Laurence

    I agree, if you’re gonna enter a business, you really need to put what your clients want and to focus on that. It’s really hard but I guess that makes a great one at business.

  3. Getting to know your client rightly is so very important for the satisfaction, more business and best service. Knowing is what multiplies your clients.

  4. This is the key and if you get this right, everything else will fall into place with a little hard work and effort x

  5. You really need good communication. You also need hard work and dedication to achieve the results and goals you set.

  6. Great info! Knowing your client is such an important part of providing any service

  7. These are great tips for people who are having a difficult time pitching to potential clients. It’s really important to make sure you tell them how you can help improve their business or what they’re doing. It’s one way to make them realize that they need you on their team.

  8. Communication is such an integral part of any business. These are really great tips to help those that are just getting started as well as seasoned veterans. I have met my fair share of professionals who say they have been in their field for many years yet talk at me and tell me want I want… Never really listening to want I actually want!

  9. Jennifer Prince

    This is REALLY good. So many times I post what I want to post, but it is really key to listen to our audience. I need to do this more often. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  10. What you put down here is so true. When you are reaching out to people you don’t just want to speak to their end goals. You want to speak to their dreams and desires and you will be better able to reach out to their audience.

  11. chichi

    Love all the info in the post, knowing the the real needs of the clients definitely helps.

  12. There’s no way that you can understand your client’s needs without knowing them and consulting with them about the specifics. This is a lovely article that gives some great insight about communication!




  13. I totally agree with you that knowing your client/customer is so important! Otherwise, you won’t be able to cater the services to their expectations!

  14. Hi there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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