The Cure To The Epidemic of Playing Small

Fearless Pursuits: Breakthrough To Success
Fearless Pursuits: Breakthrough To Success
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You want success in your life and business don't you? You're tired of struggling and you're ready for content that excites and educates you, motivates and inspires you. Sit back and listen as we bust through what is keeping you from playing BIGGER in your life and business with knowledge, strategies and empowerment so you can fearlessly pursue your your life depends on it!

Playing small, from where is sit as a business coach is an epidemic. Working with people all around the world, I’m able to learn the amazing goals of so many entrepreneurs. They want to make a big impact on the world and they want time freedom and of course the money that goes along with it.

It’s the dream and it CAN be easy… but only if you have a mental shift of playing a much bigger game in life and in your business.

This is a “Boss Moment”. In episode #25, I’ll talk with you about this epidemic and where I believe it comes from as well as real steps you can take.. today to cure yourself. Then listen as I give you an actual exercise to help you have a mental shift so you can play full out with passion and commitment in your own business,

Let’s dig in now!


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Sharon Koenig, Life & Business Coach | Messaging, Mindset & Sales Expert

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