The Secret Weapon of High-Achievers: Life Tips To Level Up

Are you looking for that one special nugget of information that will completely turn around your life and business? Excuse the clickbait title. There really isn’t just ONE secret. It’s a whole lot of what you already know, but you’ve lost sight of the simplicity in all the chaos of your daily grind.

Time and time again, success has been recreated. Yet, success has never completely reinvented. Many of the same strategies used by one person to be successful are universal. Especially strategies involving the mind.

For example, Tony Robbins calls himself a “Peak Performance Strategist”. He can use a title so broad because he knows exactly what it takes to elevate anyone to the next level of success.

Sometimes I talk to someone who is in such a sticky place in their business, they’re hoping I can share some “silver bullet” with them that they don’t already know. The secret weapon of high achievers is simple, but it isn’t that easy.

These people are totally certain that they would be successful if only they could just find the right strategy, the right book, or the right video that would change the game completely. I’ve been in this place before. It’s a quick way to lose steam and enthusiasm for your business. 

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High achievers – in both the online world and in the corporate world – share many similarities.

  • Structured routines for every task keep their lives and their businesses a well-oiled machine.
  • These people have written every job they expect to be done. Tasks that make the most impact and money sit at the top. 
  • They know when to outsource because they know they can’t do it all.
  • People committed to creating great change have made peace with taking responsibility for their self-imposed obstacles.

Last, but definitely not least… When they’re at a standstill, they’re also willing to admit that they need a second pair of eyes on their situation. They’re not afraid to bring in coaches to help them see through their blind spots, and overcome the obstacles keeping them from leveling up.

You know how it is. Sometimes you want to ask your husband or your best friend, “Does this outfit make me look fat?”

However, there’s always a bit of doubt in your mind as to whether or not they’re viewing you objectively and honestly. The same problem exists when you try to consult yourself about a personal struggle.

When you’re too close to it, it’s too easy to justify all of your “reasons” for not leveling up sooner. Or, to even be so frightened by the idea of changing anything that even you start to believe you’re already doing everything you have to.

Even corporate CEOs will hire executive coaches to help them through a variety of obstacles. They need that second opinion to give them the confidence they need to take the next step.

You need that BFF who has your back, yet can be brutally honest with you to show you where you most need to step up your game.

How to Hire a Coach

If you know you want to hire a coach to help you become a high achiever, it’s time for an interview process. It’s important to do your due diligence. Anybody can call themselves a “coach” and it’s not a strictly regulated field.

First, consult your business network or mastermind groups to ask for recommendations. While these recommendations come in, create your own list of traits you want in your perfect coach.

How do you want them to treat you? Do you want a full-of-energy coach or one who is more laid back? How quickly do you want to work toward your goals? Does your chosen coach move at the same pace? Do you want someone local so you can work face to face or is a virtual coach alright?

After you receive your recommendations and do your own research, it’s time to interview. Don’t just hire the first person who has an opening. Just like you would hire an employee, put the same care and consideration into hiring a coach.

You need someone who is interested in your goals. Someone who has the time and desire to work with you, and has a vested interest in seeing you succeed.

If you need help becoming a high-achiever, apply today to get coaching. Your first consultation is totally free, without obligation.

Awesome! Let’s kick butt and make bank, #BossBabe!


  1. Ryan

    Great tips. I think outsourcing is smart. You need to be able to admit when you can’t handle everything

  2. Interesting post. I love to read about the habits of successful people. I’ve learnt that like you say they stick to a routine (almost like a formula for their own success). Also that they make the most out of the hours they have in a day – either by waking up earlier, or reading more – whatever they do it’s to benefit their success. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Some people really benefit from having a life coach as it gives them the empowerment and courage they need to be better in their overall jobs and life, I’m glad you’re including the free session so everyone can try and see if they love it!

  4. I am kind of living life without any high ambition at the moment other than raising my daughter the best I know how with attachment parenting. I’ve been a high achiever as a younger me though.

  5. Structured routines are the one thing that I believe is of paramount importance. Without a properly structured routine, you can never start and finish off your tasks in time and no matter how much efforts you put in, it will be in vain. Thanks for sharing these ideas with us !!

  6. Laurence

    Great post. I think you need some coach who have the same interest as you have, as you can learn more from them. And yeah, you’re right, high achievers have those routines, and know how to delegate tasks if they can’t do it all.

  7. In my life I’ve found successful people are mainly those who tend to talk less about their failure and more about their success. is not just a matter of being false or to positive, but a way to increase trust and self-awareness.

  8. Great post. I agree with you on saying high achievers know when to outsource, a major problem with some failures is this they try to be a jerk of all trade and at the end, they get it totally wrong. It is also important to hire a coach that shares same interest with you

  9. This is something I wanted to read today as I was just getting lost in what I am doing. I think Outsourcing is the answer to my question. Thanks for sharing…it is quite helpful!

  10. I’d love to be able to afford a coach. You’re always more successful and productive as part of a team

  11. I guess these tips are good and helpful for high achievers. I don’t consider myself being a high achiever. I let my gut, my brain – and faith – guide my way through life. It’s working out great so far 😀

  12. These are all some very great tips for anyone wanting to increase their efficiency; I think knowing when to outsource is one of the most important things to know. thanks for sharing this!

  13. Thank you for an interesting topic! I agree that to achieve more and be more productive it is better to hire a professional coach who could guide you through the process.

  14. This is so informative and it is exactly what I needed at this point. I always think that I can do everything by myself but I guess I need someone to tell me that I can`t and that outsourcing is a good thing.

  15. Great points and advice. From my experience, the high achievers are not necessarily those who need coaching, but rather those who have an idea about what they want but have no clue how to even start getting there. Personally, I love self-help books and self-coaching books to move me forward and help me improve my life.

  16. I really like two points in this. First, successful people and high achievers know when to outsource. That is so IMPORTANT. Second, they know when they need a second set of eyes. Some people will never admit that someone else might give a better perspective, and it’s to their detriment.

  17. I’m working on the whole structured routines thing as well speak. I feel a bit like a juggler at the moment, and it’s hard not to with social media and the like!

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