Hello, Fearless readers! I’d like to show you what I believe to be a groundbreaking invention in the world of visualization tools: MindMovies.

mindmovies, vision board, visualization

What the heck is MindMovies, and why should you care?

MindMovies is a unique, powerful creation that’s revolutionizing the way we think of visualization tools.

As technology continues to change the way we work, now vision boards are no exception – MindMovies are like vision boards, taken to the next level!

They’re 3-minute videos all about your ideal future self, produced and directed by none other than – drumroll, please – …you!

Rapidly gaining in popularity, the Mind Movies Creation Kit is a tool with a variety of beautiful images, clips, and affirmations to choose from. You can hand-pick any one of these to tailor your video to fit your own dreams and desires. Then, just leave it up to the software to finish the job!

We need visualization tools for programming  the subconscious mind to create abundance. So, how will MindMovies help you?

Just as affirmations and goal-setting are helpful for the subconscious by working with the RAS (Reticular Activating System, which you can read more about here), Mind Movies are designed to condition your subconscious mind.

The easy-peasy, two-step process for using MindMovies goes like this:

  1. Creating a clear mental image of what you want from your life.
  2. Visualizing yourself achieving the results, with emotion attached to it for greater effect. (Self-reflection; “How would it feel to have that?”)

If you start to make this powerful tool a consistent part of your routine, more than likely, it will help you to think productive, uplifting thoughts. Over time, these will replace the negative, limiting ones that sabotage you.

MindMovies was made to help you to visualize and create the future you want with ease. The more you watch your Mind Movie, the more you can begin to apply these thoughts to your subconscious. Soon, all those old ideas of what your reality is will be easier to let go of.

Yes, I am affiliated with this company. Regardless, I strongly believe in its results and I encourage all of you to give this wonderful tool a try for yourselves!

mindmovies, visualization tools, vision board