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Sharon Lee

Triple Certified Professional Master Life Coach,

 and NLP Practitioner

Certified Business Coach

Certified Strategic Interventionist

Top International, 5-Star Coach Since 2013

Hi, I'm Coach Sharon

You're about to embark on an exciting journey of change, and fulfillment, and become your better version. 

I'm excited to be working with you and KNOW that doing your inner work as well as following through on the techniques and strategies that we'll go through together will help you to create the transformation that you're seeking.

Steps To Take

Step 01

Review the "How Coaching Works" section.

Step 02

Review the "Prepare For A Session" section.

Step 03

Complete the forms below, when complete, email:

Step 04

Copy the Zoom link in a safe place. 

How Coaching Works

I believe it’s important for you to understand my coaching style and expectations for our working relationship. This will enable us to work together more efficiently, and for you to achieve the greatest success.

We will meet WEEKLY. Our official schedule will be determined on our first session.

Before our meeting, you will complete the worksheets below so that I can better prepare and guide our next steps.

To prepare for our call, you will decide on what area you’d like to focus based on the information you've provided in the intake form. 

You will take the time to do the work necessary to reach your goals. Coaching is not a “done for you” relationship. You must commit to do the work, or you will not have satisfactory results.

If, at the time of our meeting, you are unprepared, we will reschedule to give you time to complete the work necessary to move forward.

It is your responsibility to add our scheduled sessions to your calendar, you will not be reminded. Should you need to cancel your session, please give me 24 hours notice via email, text or phone call.

Each month, we will prepare and review the monthly review form, so that we can both know you are benefiting from our relationship. If at any time one of us feels you are not benefiting, we will agree to end our relationship.

How to Prepare for a Coaching Session

Please use this checklist to prepare for our call each week.

One Week Prior

  • Block out time on your calendar to complete the necessary work
  • Write out your task list


  • Work on your task list
  • Make notes about your struggles
  • Keep a list of questions for our next call

One Day Prior

  • Complete and return your Pre-Call form (if requested)
  • Review your struggles and questions list
  • Verify the time/day of your appointment
  • Send any homework or checklists to my email so that I can keep you accountable

Immediately after

  • Review your notes from the call
  • Expand on your plan (if necessary)

Almost There...

Here is your Zoom link to the private meeting room. Please make a copy of this URL for our future sessions.

Your private Zoom meeting room link:

Your Passcode: Me2.0 (case sensitive)

Pre-Session Worksheets

Please complete the following worksheets prior to our first session. The worksheets and homework assignments are designed to provide the transformation to your next-level life, career, or business. 

  1. The Wheel Of Life Worksheet
  2. Coaching Goals Worksheet