What is Life Coaching?

If you’re asking, “what is a life coach anyway and what do life coaches do”, then you’re in the right place
Some think it’s talk therapy, or that it’s hypnosis but it’s something even more amazing. It’s a process of finding clarity, creating strategy, and staying focused and accountable. It’s about pursuing goals personally and professionally. It’s about transformation. It’s about letting go of the struggle and living a happy fulfilling life.

What Is Life Coaching Anyway?

Is life coaching for you?

When you can’t see the goal, as your life coach, it’s my job to help you to not just create it but to actually see it, believe it, and help you to be bold enough to LIVE IT!

You may have a goal around your career. People who come to me needing a career coaching need help with moving into a new industry, advancement or even getting out of the 9-5 job and starting their own business.

Because I’m certified in many areas, it’s often necessary to change hats. Sometimes I’m a consultant and sometimes I’m a transition coach, personal coach or career coach.

If you’re having trouble in other areas of your personal life such as relationships with your children or your partner or even going through a divorce or stopping a divorce, I’ll be there ever step of the way because as your life coach, helping you create a better life is my job.

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"Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is to raise your standards and commit."

Sharon Lee

The very definition of coaching shows us only the committed people in the world hire a life coach.

“Coaching is designed to improve an individual, team, or organization’s behavior, cognition, decision-making, and overall efficiency.”

As your life coach, the ultimate goal is to help you make progress in the specific areas of life, work or to overcome the problems you’re struggling with.

Here’s a closer look at how life coaching works, how it differs from other approaches, and what to do next if you feel ready to start your life coaching journey with me

How Life Coaching Works.

Each time we desire change, either because we want something better than what we have or maybe because we want out of a specific struggle, what we know as a fact is; we can’t do it by ourselves.

This is not to say that you are limited in what you can or can’t do. Actually, as your life coach, it’s my job to encourage a deep belief in you that you CAN do ANYTHING that you put forth work and intention into.

This is why I use “values-based coaching in my process.

The only thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself.

Let's connect. Request your breakthrough call.

Frequently Asked Questions About Life

Some people have the mistaken assumption that a life coach is a teacher. This is untrue. There are times however that I take my coaching hat off and put my consulting hat on. In these cases, I’m merely sharing what works regarding issues of the subconscious mind, human psychology or in business strategies.

Teachers usually work with prepared programs or schedules. Both classroom and online learning use a planned approach and a specific time frame.

However as your life coach, I prepare before our sessions. The approach is more fluid and revolves around the your needs, goals, aspirations and also around your stumbling blocks.

As your life coach, I’m focused on your goals but mostly on guiding and helping you to have those brilliant, “ah-ha” moments.

Working together in our life coach relationship is a very special one. You have someone who you can come to in a very confidential way.
First off, we will start with the breakthrough call. This is where I learn more about your struggle and where you’d like to be in your life, career or business.
From this conversation, I’m able to provide a prescription. I’ve coached hundreds of people over the last eight years and have become familiar with many different situations and problems. The good news is, I’ve perfected a process to create massive results.
What I’m able to do so well for you is see your vision. This works in your favor because you’ll be able to see your future more clearly. This gets you excited to start experiencing it.
This is what is so critical in setting and reaching your goals.
Your commitment and your belief is what is needed to begin our coaching relationship. From here, you decide if you want to work together for 3 months, 6 months or a year.
When we start our coaching relationship, I’ll provide you with a private link to my Zoom meeting room. This is where we meet for our 60-minute weekly sessions. This is where you’ll have those epiphanies and get the strategies you need as well as receive the accountability that helps you to get unstuck.
I have tools to help you to focus and create the change you desire. This is where we can zero in on the target and create those goals to create change.
During our coaching program, you’ll have email access to me. This is ideal to ask questions about homework tasks or to fill me in on your progress.

Listen up Employers! Many of your employees know what a life coach is and they’d love to have access to one. I’ve worked in a corporate setting to provide employers with my life coaching services as an added benefit for their employees.
I have many certifications and one is as a Small Business Coach. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and have helped businesses create more revenue as well as create happier, more productive employees.

Reduce procrastination
Overcome challenges
Increase emotional intelligence
Life Coaching Helps To Have More Engaged Employees
Improved performance and productivity
Adapt to change

What A Life Coach Can Actually Do For

Many people report endless advantages after seeing a life coach, it’s actually been studied extensively at this point. Research has shown that life coaching can be priceless in many areas:

  • Procrastination is reduced
  • Self-love and self empowerment
  • Better leadership in the work-place
    Improvement in the ability to create goals and project management
  • Better communication skills in personal settings as well as professionally

One of the main benefits of hiring a life coach is the capability to acquire a fresh, enlightened perspectives on problems that you may have with family, friends or even at work. This also helps with supplying new understanding with your specific struggles, as your life coach I can help you to zero in on adverse patterns that could be standing in the way of your success.
The essence of coaching is to unleash your potential and raise awareness and responsibility for maximizing performance and fulfillment.
Realization is created by broadening the field of vision and improving the focus of attention. This enhances interest, intuition, and learning.
Responsibility is generated by providing choices and setting accountability. Believe it or not, this is one of the favorite aspects with my clients. They really love having the accountability.
This enhances trust, self-motivation, and commitment. Knowledge and experience are important to performance, but nothing is more important than the level of thinking at which performance coaching works.
Coaching focuses on strengths, successes, and future potential.

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Sharon Lee

Now that you’re excited and ready to create the life you dreamed of, take a moment to schedule your Breakthrough Call Master Life Coach & Professional Business Coach