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Here you can learn more about becoming a contributing writer and advertise with us to get more exposure.

more exposure = more sales

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As this website has grown over the last 9 years, I receive numerous pitches for links and guest posts. What I want to do, is to provide my audience with high-quality content that improves their lives and helps them live abundantly and financially free.

I realize that these pitches come from the desire to receive more exposure and I am happy to consider your article as a sponsored post and you'll be happy to learn that the cost is very low. Many brands have choose to advertise with us because of the high-authority this site has.

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Below, you'll become familiar with the guidelines and once you submit your request, you'll learn about the cost for contribution.

I'm searching for superior high-quality content that's 100%, one-of-a-kind content.  I won't print just any article.

Please take a moment to scroll through the blog prior to pitching me any type of subject concepts. I prefer that you have the opportunity to read a few of my blog articles to see what sort of subjects I cover and also the types of blog posts that I'm looking for.

My blog is continually growing in authority and the readership as well every single month. This is the biggest benefit for you because it's and excellent chance to get in front of my audience.


do you have a suggestion for a blog post you'd like to get more exposure for?

more exposure for?

If you answered yes, then you're in the right place. I am constantly looking for high-quality content for my blog. As you are probably already aware, there are significant benefits for guest blogging.

Guest Post Guidelines To Write For Us

  • All articles must be 100% unique. A unique article means that it's not been published anywhere else including your own blog or other websites.
  • Your article must be at the very least 1,000+ words long.
  • You need to internally link to at least 2 of my own blog posts within your article (if you don’t do this, I will).
  • Please include a short author bio at the end of your article with a photo of yourself if possible.
  • You are allowed 1 link to your website either in the body of the article or in the author bio.
  • You must share your article on your social media platforms after it is published.
  • Please note that I have the right to make any edits to your article that I feel are necessary.


If you want to write for us and own a blog or website, and you'd like to collaborate, I encourage you to apply to write for us. Here are a few types of ways you can collaborate.

  • Sponsored Stories
  • Sponsored Videos
  • Sponsored Articles
  • Sponsored Links in articles
  • Affiliate Links or Collaborations
  • .


    Below are topics that you can base your article around if you want to write for us. If you don't see it below, I’m also open to new ideas, just let me know what you have in mind. 

    • Stress
    • Overwhelm
    • Anxiety
    • Improve Relationships
    • Improve Career
    • Mindset Hacks
    • Visualization
    • Meditation
    • Personal Growth
    • Freedom Lifestyle
    • Being Courageous (Confidence)
    • Improving Health

    *(No pornographic materials, adult content, stories containing violence or violent videos)

    Submit Your Request

    Now that you know the guidelines so that you can write for us and get a high-quality, high domain authority, you're ready to move forward to the next step. Simply click on the button below to get started.

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