Career Success with a Career Coach

As a professional career coach, I help my clients identify the most effective path to building their future through gaining clarity, building a plan which creates an energy of fulfillment in their life AND career. Ambitious people use me as their career coach to take it to the next-level.

Improving Your Career Success By Working With A Career Coach

Is Career Coaching Service a Good Option for You?

If you're an ambitious professional who's looking to take your career to the next level, then you're in the right place. Working with a career coach professional provides the most ideal space for you to begin the planning process into your most ideal career, even if you don't know yet what your options are. As your career coach, I'll provide objective feedback that can help you push through barriers, set and achieve goals, and create the life you want to live AND make the money you've been wanting to make. Those successful people out there in the world know the secret that you're only now discovering. Hiring and working with a career and life coach is the smartest thing you can do to cut the learning curve and get RESULTS!

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"It's one thing to identify your problems, but the answer is to give all of your energy and your power to finding solutions."

Sharon Lee
Small Business Coach & Entrepreneur Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Together we’ll examine your values first. One thing I know from working with thousands of people all over the world is, when their activities don’t match their values and their life blueprint that they have in their mind, they WILL be miserable and feel a lack of confidence or maybe just feel like giving up all together.
I want only success, fulfillment and happiness for you and all of my clients.
As your career coach professional, I help you find your way through career decisions and the transition of jobs, careers and other aspect of your life.
I also help you with goal-setting, self-awareness, emotional management, career consultation, career management, career transition and the job search.
This takes a lot of the stress and overwhelm out of the process and helps to put you back in control and able to envision a successful future.

When you become my client, I help you to see what’s possible through a tried and true process that I continually improve upon year after year.
This isn’t a cookie-cutter process though, it’s far from it.
This process is formulated to combine what you need as a human with the strategies for both mindset AND actually creating career results either for a new career, advancement or becoming a stronger leader.
Clients who come to me wanting career coaching, typically want a number of things but to sum it up, these are the two priorities…
They mostly know what they want but have trouble making it happen.
They DON’T know where they’re going but most importantly, they KNOW they must make a change!
There might be several other reasons why you want to work with a career coach/career consultant.
1. For some, it’s because the job market is so volatile right now, and they have trouble landing jobs or advancing their careers.
2. For others, it’s to get clarity on what kind of job or career they want to have that is a great fit for who they are and their values.
3. Finally for others, it has everything to do with advancement, confidence and gaining leadership skills.
As the pace of change no doubt keeps changing, so have the expectations placed on each of us in the competitive market-place.
My job is to work with you in gaining clarity around the conception of a plan and to help you put the steps in place to move forward towards that goal. If you’re more interested on the other hand in working with an online life coach, my certifications and years of experience may just be what you’re looking for. 

First you need to understand what a career coach is NOT. It’s not a person who does the head-hunting or the resume re-writing process for you. These are consultants who compliment your search.
Now, let’s dig in to helping you find the right career coach to help you get results.
Thinking of your career coach like a partner is the mindset you should begin with. This partner is very similar to your personal coach but specializes in helping you create more success with your job or career.
As your career coach, I’m a partner who helps you create clarity, to implement, to keep you accountable and even to review your cover letter and even your resume but mostly, I’m the partner that helps you do much more.
I’ll help you stay out of stress and overwhelm and bring you back to center and peace when you get stuck in your head.
I’m that accountability partner that teaches you about success, better communication, people skills and eliminate the self-doubt so you can go out and be the confident, best version of yourself that you need to be.
It can be difficult for some to find the right career coach. As a tip though, it’s important to identify what type of coaching style will help you reach your goals. This professional starts off by understanding your needs, personality and values.
The most important thing is to find somebody who’s not just trying to sell you something – somebody that’s willing to work with you on a journey where you both learn about yourself and grow personally, professionally and spiritually.
It’s important for people seeking the right career coach to understand what they are looking for in their life’s path first and foremost as I explained above. This may involve clarifying their current situation, reasons they are changing careers, or why they want coaching in the first place.

Below are questions you’ll need to focus on to choose the right career coach.
How much does career coaching cost?
Is career coaching service worth it?
What type of career coaching do you offer?
Do you work for an established coaching company or do you have your own business?
What kind of career can I expect to achieve with your help?
How long would a typical coaching session last?
What formats do you provide in-person, phone, or web-based coaching sessions in?

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Sharon Lee | Life & Career Coach

You’ll never be successful until you start getting clarity around what you want but most importantly, you need to begin taking massive action towards bringing on a partner to help you reach success in all areas of your life.

Let’s begin the process. Here are the steps to begin working with your own career coach.

This is a casual meeting where we learn more about each other. I’ll learn about your challenges and goals and you’ll discover where to go from here to start creating the results you want.

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Step 1 - Set-up your free breakthrough call

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Step 3 - Show up and relax

This is a casual meeting where we learn more about each other. I'll learn about your challenges and goals and you'll discover where to go from here to start creating the results you want. It's a mini-coaching session where you start creating a plan.