Member Reflection: Being charitable helps me to appreciate my blessings.

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Being generous to others keeps me connected to the important things in life. Sharing kindness reminds me that life is empty and hollow without it. I am conscious of how uplifted I feel when I am charitable.

My blessings seldom go unnoticed. I take the time to give thanks for them. Each wonderful experience encourages me to share good energy with others. I do love being generous.

My community needs my help and support. I actively look for ways to give my services to those in need. I realize that just a little care goes a far way for someone else. Seeing someone’s appreciation of my gesture is fulfilling.

I avoid taking anything for granted. I recognize that all I achieve is as a result of the sacrifice of another person.

I make an effort to be present in the moment. It is important for me to stay connected with each chance I get to live fully. I embrace each opportunity to do something special with my life. My focus is to help make living worthwhile for anyone I am able to.

Today, my blessings are that much richer because I live to be kind to others. I am committed to being charitable. I am glad that my efforts enrich the lives of many.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways can I extend my charitable side to my community?
  2. How is my desire to be kind to others affected by my personal situation?
  3. How can I involve my friends and family in community service?