Member Reflection: Challenges spark my imagination.



Challenges inspire me to work smarter. Hardships test my abilities and encourage me to become more creative.

When I run into obstacles, I keep a positive attitude. I enjoy taking a fresh look at my life and searching for original solutions.

The rewards that I work for are more satisfying than easy victories.

I stay calm when I run into complications. I pause to collect my thoughts and evaluate the situation. I examine issues from a different perspective in order to generate new options.

I reach out to others. Collaborating with family, friends, and colleagues expands my resources. We listen to each other respectfully and come up with new ideas. Combining our brainpower helps me to be more innovative and productive. I find encouragement and support.

I start out small. Automating one database task may lead me to look for other ways to use technology to speed up routine office work.

I take risks. Sometimes it takes courage to approach a challenge in a new way. I may need to go against the crowd or overcome my own resistance. Even if I make a misstep, I remind myself that I am learning and growing.

Today, I greet challenges with a smile. I know that struggling for success makes me stronger and wiser. My creativity guides me to new heights.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I learn from one challenge that I responded to creatively?
  2. What conditions help me to use my imagination?
  3. How can I train myself to think creatively?