Content Prompts For Coaches: What Would YOU Need to Hear?

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So, it’s been a tough week. You could really use some content prompts for coaches. You just want to say, “Someone just tell me what to say to my tribe, because I don’t have the energy to come up with it myself!”

Maybe you’ve been pushed to your limits with family drama…

This business just isn’t where you envisioned where it would be by now…

Your kids have been testing your patience. Hey, I know how difficult it can be when your 10 year old daughter acts more like she’s a sassy, PMS-ing 15 year old… Definitely not speaking from experience, nope. What are you talking about? ?

All of the little things are adding up, and you’re starting to feel lose your drive. I’ve been there!

So, what now?

Left and right, you’re reminded to ‘stay consistent’ and to always ‘give value’ in the marketplace. What about when you’re exhausted? How do you give when feeling tired and beaten down is getting in the way of having inspiration on what to say to your peeps?

Here’s something you can use right now, no matter what struggle you’re in… Tell them what YOU need to hear, right now. 

content prompts for coaches, content prompts for business, content prompts for entrepreneurs

There is no more compelling way to write about overcoming an obstacle than to talk about it while you’re STILL IN IT. Or, if you’re not composed enough to be helpful yet… talk about it right after it’s over.

SHARE your struggle. I know how hard it can be to show the world what you’re going through when it’s still happening, but you have to trust that someone NEEDS to see it.

Why? She’s already seen plenty of people who have it all together. She’s already seen YOU at your best.

Having a big, shiny goal of being successful and amazing that she can aspire to is fine and dandy, but your low moments may be where she currently spends MOST of her time!!

It’s SO important, because you’re showing her:

  • She’s NOT alone!!
  • Even people who look perfect sometimes fall into the same dark place she’s in.
  • She CAN get out of it – and you can show her how by bringing her along for the process.

This isn’t all about just pouring out your woes for the world to see. We all have that acquaintance who clogs up our Facebook timelines with little more than complaining about her circumstances. This isn’t what you’re doing, so there’s no need to worry about being too vulnerable.

You’re bringing her on your journey to overcoming the obstacle. Then you’re going to relate it back to her, and tell her how she can be the hero of her own story. Show her what you do to conquer life’s curveballs. Show her that you understand. And finally, show her how she can conquer it, too.

content prompts for coaches, content prompts for business, content prompts for entrepreneurs

She could be looking for someone to tell her what to do… or, just some comfort that she’s not the only entrepreneuress who struggles sometimes.

Just today, I encountered a limiting belief that brought me to tears. A tired, old story that protected me once but never needed to be made true.

Even today. With all of the fancy certifications. Even with the knowledge I have of how we tick, how to live intentionally, and how to break through our self-imposed obstacles…

Sometimes, one will show up that takes me completely off guard. So, I work through it.

This time, I hope to do it openly. Publicly. To share what I’ve learned about myself, what I’m doing to overcome it, and what you can do if you’re in this struggle too.

Have a good, healthy cry if you have to first. Forgive yourself for falling down… you’re still a student of life. Pour your heart into sharing how others can climb out of that darkness too.

What was a struggle in your life that proved to be a blessing in touching people with your message? How does it help you to help her? I’d love to hear it in the comments!

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  1. While I am not a coach, I like to be a voice of support for my Facebook group for working moms. I do at times share my own experiences. It actually helps the other women in the group who are facing a similar situation to hear all the positive feedback coming in.

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