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Do You Want More Out Of Life?

Do you want to create passion in your life? Fearless Pursuits helps you answer…”How Do I Find My Passion?”

Discovering my passion in life took plenty of time and soul searching. For most of my life, I did not know how to create passion for life. I was stuck in survival-mode for my entire childhood, and a large part of my adulthood. I continued for many years asking…

Create Passion, How do I find my passion in life“How do I find my passion?”

Can you relate?

It wasn’t until my early 20’s when I finally felt the force, magic and power of passion for the first time. I can’t really explain it, but I wanted more out of life!

I was lost, confused, and bored with my life. It completely lacked any direction, and I knew something needed to change. I needed to create passion in my life in a BIG way! 

Create Passion: Discovering my passion in life was my new focus!

Later in life, I’d continue to fight to stay afloat – keeping my head above surviving long enough to experience what it was like to truly LIVE was not something that came easily to me. I’m guessing you’ve probably felt this way before at least once.

Unfortunately for many, rock bottom comes first before deciding to create passion for life. If you’re not there yet, let’s start before you are.

I always felt as though I was living someone else’s life. It was never the way I wanted it to be.

I wasn’t just searching for a great passion in a career, like so many others I’ve talked to – I was literally seeking a better quality of life, and more meaning in each day.

Sound Familiar?

A life I could look forward to when I woke up in the morning, rather than just getting through the day. After so many years of not feeling true to who I am meant to be, I wanted to change that. Above all else, I wanted to know how it felt to live out loud.

Learning how to create passion is what the Passion for Life Series is here to show you.

Once you unearth what you want out of life, learning what it is that you want to do and then suddenly saying yes to it can have an astounding impact on your whole life.

When we create passion in our life, it can be likened to a lion who sees his prey. He locks his gaze on the prey, carefully crouches his body in the tall Savannah grasses, contracts every muscle in his body to pounce, and extends his powerful claws to strike at the right time. Instinct and intention is not clouded by fears and distractions.

He knows what he wants. His intention is to succeed. He is focused and prepared to accomplish just that.

Only by knowing what you want and devoting every sense of your being to it can you ever know success.


Below, I’ll outline the basic steps to create passion for your life.

1) List your abilities

What are you great at or have a special knack for?

Let’s for a moment set aside what you are great at but actually don’t like doing. Put those abilities aside. It’s important to focus on what you are good at AND have a knack for that comes fairly easily. Hone in on what you enjoy.

For me, I have always loved helping people and have a special knack for guiding and teaching people.

Are there things you like to do that you don’t believe you’re that great at? Have others complimented you on it? Maybe you even rejected  their compliments and made up your own mind about it. I recommend asking someone, actually ask several people as if to take a poll, what it is they think you are good at. Learning to create passion and discovering my passion in life became more clear as I opened my mind to what others said.

You will find that some of the answers will highlight something that you have an interest in but it makes butterflies in your stomach and you interpret them as fear. For me, I was once shy and didn’t express my passions well so becoming a life coach was the furthest from my mind once upon a time.

Meet Delilah, a client of mine who loved drawing art and had become very good in particular at drawing with a tablet and pen making digital art. Now I know nothing about this sort of voodoo. As far as I knew, one would take a number 2 pencil and sketch on a piece of paper. What she explained was something straight out of a sci-fi movie. As it turns out, she didn’t think she was very good but I asked to see her art.

She was shy and not confident to share at all but went along with it anyway. She brought her laptop one day and shared some of her art. Honestly, I was blown away. Long story short, Delilah was persuaded to begin a business as a digital artist making money hand over fist doing what she loved-art. Today, her reputation has grown and so has Delilah. She can now command a pretty penny because the quality that she puts out is all because she is doing what she loves.


Create Passion: Identifying what you enjoy that you’re great at is an awesome approach to uncover potential interests.

Try not to be concerned if what you love isn’t reasonable or conventional. Many will completely disregard an interest because itcreate passion, discovering my passion, how do I find my passion doesn’t fit within a family expectation. Sometimes even their own. If you see yourself in a suit and tie, how can you go into the fitness industry to become a personal trainer.

The two do not go together.

You might be asking yourself… “How do I find my passion when I am so conflicted?”

Good question.

The way to handle this is to marry them. What this person is saying is they perceive themselves in a professional manner, one that commands respect. So what do you do? The personal trainer for example can brand him or herself in a way that works with only elite and professional business people.

Simply put, tweeking your passion to make it fit can add a lot of joy to your life. This helped me put the pieces together and create passion in my life.

2) Notice for a moment those who you know that make you irritated or even envious

Examine that irritation. What sometimes happens is you may truly wish you could live the way they live or be earning the money they earn.

Meet Trish, she always said negative things about rich people. After years of self growth, Trish discovered that she was actually resentful being a home-maker and having to sacrifice living a life of luxury.

Trish discovered that she wasn’t being authentic.

She was miserable because she wanted to have money but thought if she said it out loud that her family and friends would think she was petty. The pain of having people look down on her was more than she could bare so she stayed complacent.

Like so many who live their life doing what others expect of them, it’s no wonder we feel like we can’t find passion for life.

3) Think back in your mind and remember what you loved when you were young.

This is most likely the easiest approach to uncover what interests you. Unfortunately, growing up means never looking back at playing pretend. This is exactly what is missing from our orderly, and put-together world. Before the adults tell us to grow up and stop playing, we weren’t afraid. We laughed and played. Now the majority of us do not even know who we are and what might make us happiest.

Did you play hours outside with a ball? Join a soccer, volley ball or tennis group.

Did you once enjoy painting or drawing? Sign up at your local community center for a refresher course.

It is not only important to create passion for life by finding rewarding work where you can reap the financial benefits too but also to regularly take part in being a kid. Go and do those things you once loved to do. I dare you to lie a blanket down and stare at the clouds and make pictures as they join one another making shapes.

4) Now reflect on activities you do where you lose track of time

When I teach, consult with clients or write, I lose all track of time. When I am out running in the forest, I could run forever. When I am working out at the gym, if it weren’t for getting tired, I would stay for hours. When I do ballroom dancing, I am always shocked at how quickly time passes.

It frustrates me at how quickly time passes. I can’t seem to spend enough time doing all of the things that I enjoy doing.

I wish that I could live forever like this.

What is it that you get lost in? What do you want to invest hours doing, that you never get enough time to do? You can create passion for life, with this line of questioning and now you need to hold tight and nurture it. Let it grow in you and don’t let go.

5) Turn your search into a joyful journey

We see so much missing from our life and spend a lot of time seeking to find passion for life but not understanding why we can’t find it. This turns into frustration because of the amount of pressure that we put on ourselves.

Being open to the journey simply takes the pressure off. You can now begin seeing thing you may appreciate doing. You literally need to build new muscles by practicing doing these things. What we know about the mind is that the more you practice something, the easier it becomes but more importantly always look at this as though it is fun to explore.

Now set aside a few minutes for these things daily, and watch your life begin to change.

It’s a truly supernatural feeling.

Being authentic by getting in touch with the little things that make you who you are is truly magical. It’s difficult to say in words, but the film “Happy” on Netflix explains it well. In it, this is summed up as one word: Flow.

Do you have a story of how you create passion for life?

Share your story below by adding your comments. Keep in mind, you never know who you will touch. What you say may just resonate with someone. YOU could change someone’s life today.

Your online life coach,

Sharon Lee

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