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Find a mentor so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. That’s been my philosophy for years. If you’re like me, you will have tons of ideas that you want to share with the world but want to see some of the inner workings before you jump in with both feet.

Finding a mentor in person is a difficult task. One challenge is that many people already at the level of success that you are trying to achieve may not give you the time of day. These days, you can find a mentor online. What’s more, you can learn from your mentor in many cases completely free.

Thanks to blogging, you can learn so much – for free. It’s amazing what you can find online. It’s achieving that next level that is your hurdle. So this is where you will need to step out of your comfort zone to reach out to connect.

The six advantages of having a mentor – Find a mentor – Find a life coach online


Find a mentorAchieving a greater level of success involves finding a mentor. There are virtually no disadvantages to having a mentor; it may well be the definitive step to your success. Finding a mentor or sometimes called a life coach is not easy but it is worth it. Having a mentor in the area of interest will benefit your life greatly and will help you accomplish a goal that maybe you have been struggling with.

6 reasons mentors are crucial in your life.

1. Your mentor has been where you are now. Their experience is exactly what you need. No matter what your goal is, a mentor has already achieved it. If your dream is to become a famous singer or a professional basketball player you have to look for a person who has already been there.

A mentor knows what it is all about.

2. You will benefit from a guide that can help you set up your plan of attack. If an aspect of your life needs attention but you are not sure what your next step should be, your mentor will have options that will help you so you can take action. Choosing the right direction is very important, it won’t do you any good if you are heading the wrong way.

3. Acquiring the right tools and being able to use them is very important. A mentor will make sure you have what it takes just in time to use the knowledge. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of knowing what your mentor uses that has helped them achieve the very same thing that you want. You will get a head start by knowing exactly what to expect.

4. Networking. This is important as you will get in touch with the right people that will open the doors to your pathway. Building relationships are important. In general, you will find that people work with those that they already know or are referred to them.

5. The best opinion. When you lack experience, you may not be the best person to make an important decision. This is where your mentor can save you from making a mistake.

6. A good mentor will always provide you with the best opportunities. Because you are presented with a variety of the best opportunities in the area of interest, you will enjoy opportunities that better match your needs.

Mentor seeking

You have to be on the lookout for a good mentor, let’s face it, they won’t be knocking on your door. To find someone great, you just have to know how to go about finding them.

  • Get an expert in the field. Always look to model after someone who is already doing what it is you want to do. While some people are inaccessible because of their position they may at least help you in your quest. There will always be somebody who can help you. You just never know who will come into your life today.
  • Believe it or not you can search online. Some websites offer the possibility to find a mentor. There are several options when it comes to sites like these.
  • Commit to your goals and let your mentor know it. Your mentor has already reached a certain level of achievement and the reality is he may not be interested in working with just anybody. You may not want to change the world but at least show your mentor that you are serious.

Looking for a mentor may prove to be challenging but it will be worth the while as you will greatly benefit from their experience. You will get a better understanding of things and will be provided with opportunities.

You can’t do it alone. That’s not abundant or fearless living on any level. You can’t move to the next level without uncovering all the little nuances in your area of interest.

Find a mentor yet? I can be that for you. Leave a comment to tell me if you have ever had a mentor before and what the experience was like.

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