Fearless Living Series: Take Charge of Your Health

Fearless Living: Take Charge Of Your Health

The Fearless Living Series tackles every aspect of what’s holding us back.

In each Fearless Living Series, I’ll discuss a component that one of my clients are dealing with. Also being true to the blog format, I’ll be transparent and vulnerable from time to time and share challenges that I personally have experienced. In this way, my readers can have insight and find similarities into their own life to finally experience fearless living.

Fearless Living: Stand up for yourself!

It’s everywhere. That mentality that you aren’t worth it. I don’t have time for this or that. I hate to tell you this but in some cases, you are simply lying to yourself. There are no doubt those instances where somebody or something is seemingly in your way. I have experienced that in numerous was too. There will always be situations that are beyond our control.

What I am talking about here today are those limiting thoughts that we have that are there in our mind to serve only one purpose. That is to protect us.

We make up stories in our mind that we aren’t “allowed” or “I’m too tired”. The truth is-you HAVE to take care of yourself at every cost.

Fearless Living: Take Charge Of Your HealthI am guilty, a friend recently told me. “You need to carve a little time out for yourself.” He said. He was right. “You’re preaching to the choir.” I said. I know intellectually that I have been so busy with work and kids that I haven’t made any time for just me. Who doesn’t need a little R&R from time to time? The “rational-lies” swirl in my head and get in my way from fearless living. Or do they?

I said yes…

Don’t let these “stories” hold you back from living a healthy life. As I work and work, I am not taking care of the whole of me. The stresses of every day tend to get to all of us, don’t they? There are numerous ways that we can take care of ourselves. We talk about eating well and exercise but there are other aspects like laughing and building social relationships too. I am making time this week to get some fun R&R

Fearless Living: What excuses get in your way for a healthy body?

Meet Jan, she is a client who is afraid to go to the gym. What?! I can just hear you saying, “why?” Well, Jan is a little over weight, she doesn’t want anyone to see her. On top of that, she feels awkward in the gym. Jan is in a catch 22 situation. She needs to lose weight because her doctor told her to and changing her life with diet, exercise will do the trick and have an added benefit of de-stressing her life.

The lack of physical activity is only one aspect of her problem. What I told her is that she will be letting go of stress as well when she goes to work out. The hormones that are released in a workout are responsible for those “feel good” thoughts and make us want to keep doing it. If you don’t get there to experience it in the first place, and continue to make it a habit, you’ll never understand what I am talking about.

What about her lymphatic system? Yes, that too is a benefit. As you are moving your body, your lymphatic system is working to literally flush the toxins from your body.

So Jan has many reasons to take care of herself. What about you? Taking a look at the ONE aspect of de-stressing Jan’s life, I’ll devote the rest of this article to helping to describe a method which will be something that you will want to adopt.

She is living in fear and sabotaging her life. These are the stories that started the Fearless Living Series. Below, I have for you a little tid-bit on 4 ways on how you can start your week with less stress.

Start your week with less stress

It is a known fact that stress and negative energies are a factor that can undermine your health. Some of the times we usually go through may have a negative impact on the body and the mind. There are some practices you can engage in so that you may relief yourself of the build up tension.

Create the perfect balance that will help you stay positive and be more productive. Be ready for a change that will provide you with peace and relaxation.

Relax yourself

1 Take it easy by slowing down a little. The usual rush that always gets us between Monday and Friday is bad. You will find yourself running for appointments and trying to do all the planned activities. Try and break this circle by taking little breaks and get out of the routine.

2 Forget about your phone. Turn it off and just relax, enjoy at least one hour per day of connecting with friends and family while you leave your phone to rest.

3 Meditate and pray. This will give you a sense of stability that is very important. Start your day with a little meditation time. Find inspirational texts that may help you with the challenges you face.

Be creative. You will find a world of peace and harmony when trying to express creativity as it helps you become more relaxed and positive. Try music, arts or crafts.

5 Live for the moment. We all know that humans are not the best at multitasking, if you feel anxious it may be that you are engaged into many activities. Find something you like and focus on it as you live for the moment.

Positive thinking is a must

1 Self-talk.You are important treat yourself with compassion. Stand for something and find a goal that is worth fighting for. Try to overcome fears.

2 The gift of gratitude. Think of the world as a better and friendlier place, do this by connecting with others and remembering our blessings.

3 Expectations removed. Do not get too stressed about some undesired outcomes, we cannot control all aspects of life. Find that for every uncertain position there is also a possibility to learn.

4 Laugh. There is always a funny side to the not so pleasant things that happen to us. Find it and enjoy it whatever it may be.

Take care of yourself

1 Exercise. When you exercise besides the fact that you burn calories, you also become calmer and relieve stress. Exercising is beneficial for the mind and body alike. Go for a run or just take a stroll, if you like you can go biking or play a game of basketball.

2 Eat well. There is no argument when it comes to nutrition. Eating well and nutritious meals will help you stay fit and healthy so you can easily deal with challenges. Try to fit in more fruits and vegetable into your diet and stay away from heavy meals.

3 Sleep. Sleeping well will keep you fresh and rested. When you sleep you relax the physical side of the body. Create a time schedule that does not fluctuate too much and preserve a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

Simplicity is the key

No more clutter. You will find that a clear space that is neatly organized is much more relaxing. Sort out the unnecessary items you have laying around, you can sell them. This will make the house a lot easier to clean so you can have more time to enjoy other activities.

2 Less shopping. We do not always need all the things we buy. Try and examine what you really need and stick to it. No more unnecessary trips to the shopping center.

3 Take out the unnecessary tasks. This will help you create a schedule that is less tight and will reward you with more free time. Focus on what is important and leave other activities out.

Create a better life for yourself, one that is free of stress. You will enjoy more of the time you spend doing certain activities and by doing so you will achieve a calmer state of mind. Decide what is important and go for it. Go ahead and leave me a comment. Tell me how you are getting out of your way and taking better care of yourself below.

Fearless living is waiting for you.

Sharon Lee, Your Online Life Coach

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