From Stressed Out and Overwhelmed to Location Free and Thriving

Thinking about being location free comes with all sorts of ideas of freedom. Actually doing it comes with a ton of emotions from relief to joy.

 There’s a quote that’s really appropriate and super inspiring.

“Freedom lies in being bold.” —Robert Frost

The one thing we as humans all want, and studies have shown this to be the case across the board is… FREEDOM.

What this word means to each of us though, is VERY different and there in lies the beauty in individuality.

For many entrepreneurs, freedom is the draw to being our own boss.


  • Deciding our own schedule,
  • Work with the people WE decide to work with,
  • Work from wherever we want
  • Make the amount of money we want.

This is the kind of freedom we’re talking about today.

To truly be authentic to ourselves and at the same time do what lights us up while giving back to the world in a passionate way is at the root of a soul-centered business. These are the businesses that thrive.

These are the entrepreneurs who reap the benefits of being free.

If this is you, let’s jump in with a special guest Susie Bills who is going to dish on all things being location independent and what the journey has been like AND just how you can do it too.

  • You’ll hear how she sold nearly EVERYTHING and started traveling.
  • You learn how she promotes her business so she can make bank!
  • Discover mindset shifts that are a MUST for anyone who is considering entrepreneurship as well as going down the path to a laptop lifestyle.

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I’m always happy to bring you information each week to fuel your entrepreneurial soul. Stop by next week for another great episode.

Sharon Koenig, Life & Business Coach

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