How To Create A Million Dollar Self Image

What is a million dollar self image anyway? It’s that future you who has BIG goals. It’s that future you that is willing to do what it takes to reach these goals. It’s that future you who has the courage and belief.

Let’s face it, when we have goals such as losing weight, starting a business, or even leveling up and scaling financially in the business aren’t easy goals to have. 

What we end up doing is going inward to judge ourselves an whether or not we can actually achieve these goals based on our past experiences, what others around us say and what we believe to be possible. This is literally creating our future self.

In order to reach some of these goals, you need to change or even recreate a new you.

This podcast goes into showing you exactly how to create a new self image. You can create a 6-figure self image or a million dollar self image, it’s completely up to you. 

The power to create that future you is all within your mind. Don’t sell yourself short, instead do the inner work to create the breakthrough to success so you can have the life and business that you want! 



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Sharon Koenig, Life & Business Coach

“Let your mind help you breakthrough to success.”


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