How To Make It Big – Overcoming Your Fear!

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Your own mind could be the reason you’re overwhelmed and yet not seeing the big sexy paychecks… .

What do I mean?

Fear of judgment could be stopping you from telling your story and truly connecting with your prospects.

Fear of sounding dumb could be blocking you from doing that webinar. .

You might not be in that magazine yet because you’re worried you’re not going to be taken seriously enough to get in.

I’m telling you right now, based on experience (my own and my clients’)… .

That one thing that you’re avoiding by filling your time with other “should-do” tasks?

That one thing that scares you but would light your soul on fire 🔥?

That’s the thing you need to be doing to make it big.

I’ve put off my podcast for far too long. I spent too much time being scared of whether I would sound perfect…

And my ideal prospect I’m working to attract isn’t one to judge ☝️ Yours shouldn’t be either.

Jump over your mental hurdles, and the rest of your path to success will be smooth sailin’.

If you’re into listening to badass business and mindset advice, you can start listening now. Here’s this week’s podcast episode of Fearless Pursuits: Breakthrough To Success.

7 Strategies I wish I'd Implemented If I Was Starting My Business Today Fearless Pursuits Podcast: Breakthrough To Success

Everyone who's starting a business or who is struggling to make the money and impact they want is always looking for the secret sauce. I'm often asked about the strategies and what wisdom I can offer to help them succeed. Well, we talk a LOT about what it takes to break through to experience real success here on this podcast. Today, you can reverse-engineer smart strategies with my list of strategies that I'd do differently if I were starting over.  As entrepreneurs, at least these days, we're often going it alone. Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride full of emotional ups and downs and we're often feeling the stress especially when we realize that we've made a mistake or maybe we didn't follow the advice that perhaps we should have.  I believe it's important to re-evaluate what's not working so that we can pivot and move in a different direction before too much time is spent going down the wrong path.  I've been on this online business journey for nearly 30 years and I have some stories to tell. It's been an interesting experience watching as everything has changed over these several decades. What I want to do for my listeners on this podcast is to provide a shortcut to success.  Listen in to today's podcast episode where I share seven strategies I wish I had implemented for faster success.  ___________________________ I'm always happy to bring you information each week to fuel your entrepreneurial soul. Stop by next week for another great episode and be sure to take a moment to give this podcast a 5-star rating, this is what helps the podcast and your fellow entrepreneur. Hi, I'm Sharon Lee, founder of Fearless Pursuits, author and, a high-performance life coach & business coach. "Let your mind help you breakthrough to success." Grab your free consultation call with me to learn how we can work together to create the transformation in your life or business. Click Here. >>> Free Consultation Call
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