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I know you want to grow your coaching business online. As I’m writing this, we’re in a crisis. You may wonder how you’ll ever be able to grow your business during a pandemic.

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has created a LOT of uncertainty for the entire world and entrepreneurs like coaches, are cued into survival mode. That’s not the most abundant way to be thinking about growing your coaching business but I completely understand.

In my blog, I like to write about topics that help entrepreneurs do more than survive. Let’s get you out of that thinking pattern and into the idea that you CAN actually grow your coaching business online… yes, even in a pandemic.

One Key To growing Your Coaching Business Online.

Are you selling what people want?

I’m here to shake up your world a little with a controversial belief: guess what?  IT DOESN’T MATTER.

Think about it… when you work a 9-5, it’s a business that already exists because people WANT their stuff or service and buy it from them.

Someone did the research for that business BEFORE they opened the doors to determine if it would be a viable business. Maybe the business owner saw a coffee shop in their neighborhood and thought, “hmm, I’d love to have my own coffee shop” and the rest is history.

We definitley have ideas of what sorts of businesses will make it or not. Based on history, we know that financial businesses, anything having to do with health & wellness as well as entrepreneurship are tried and true.

But what about your coaching business? Will it thrive?

What if you’re a very specialized coach or consultant, that’s good but will you make it through this crisis?

You probably have a spirit about you that dreads the very idea of working for someone else so you want to use your skills and go it solo. Good for you!

One important key to growing your business especially online because that’s what we need to focus on since we are social distancing, is selling.

If you aren’t making sales, you are running a hobby. I know you’ve heard that before but this is what I see is happening when someone first starts working with me.

They’ve been “trying” this online coaching business thing and not getting the results they want so they end up having just a hobby and judging themselves for not being able to grow their coaching business.

Selling what you know people WANT… rather than what your soul is CRYING with passion for is really short-sighted. I get though. You go into a niche thinking, “people really need this, so I’ll start promoting it”.

This can work for a while but at some point, the lack of passion will get to you and you’ll wonder what you’re doing with your life. I’ve seen depression, frustration and even clients who come to me because their about ready to give up.

You want more than just to make money online working from home in your PJ’s.

We all want more. That’s a big reason WHY you started this business in the first place. That said, don’t settle for going into a niche in your coaching business just because you know people want it.

I’m not going to lie, providing a service you KNOW people want is definitely smart but if your calling is to serve in a different way, you’ll be empty and eventually fold.

Expensive Lessons Of Growing A Coaching Business Online

I have a story to share about a painful (+ expensive) lesson.

Five years ago, I hired a coach. Another belief of mine is that you elevate by surrounding yourself with people not just on the same journey, but AHEAD of you.

It’s my own personal belief that, we as coaches or consultants are hypocrites if we don’t find value in getting help because after all, that’s what we’re hoping to provide for someone else. So that’s where my mind goes when I realize something’s not working in my business.

I knew SOMETHING was missing. I didn’t know what for sure but I wasn’t getting consistent clients.

Her main lesson to me? “Your people don’t want that mindset stuff. It’s fluffy. They just want clients and money.”

And with that, a VITAL part of my message – and who I am – was lost in trying to sell “what they wanted”… according to her. But, I missed something in her teaching that I’ll pass on to you but this is what happened…

👉My message wasn’t heartfelt and genuine anymore!

👉I spent HOURS trying to figure out how to tailor my content for EVERYONE instead of MY people – and speaking to them started to feel like a CHORE!

👉I suddenly felt lost, overwhelmed and SCARED that everything I cared about and built my business around was worthless to the world!

Is this you? If it is, I want you to abandon all notions of selling what people want…

To sell what lights you up.

You have a unique slant on what’s already being sold that nobody else does. Maybe you sell something that not everyone wants, and that’s okay. That’s a highly niched business… that’s good.

>It weeds out the people who WON’T light you up to work with.

>It weeds out the people who will find you “nice to have”, leaving only the ones whose lives you can CHANGE because you speak to THEM.

>It makes your message flow effortlessly, so you can step into the self who shows up fully and can’t help but be noticed… because you’re passionate about the topic.

>You’ll enjoy business as you’re meant to!

We say there’s plenty of fish in the sea for dating. Why not business?

The Missing Key To Selling and Growing A Coaching Business Online

In this story, I told you that I glossed over an important aspect of my coaches teaching. When I finally got this and cleared it up, everything shifted for me.

When she told me that the mindset stuff wasn’t what people wanted and they only wanted money, she was right.

I didn’t see what she was really saying.

You may have heard this before: “Sell what people want but give them what they need.”

For me that meant, stop talking about mindset but what it really meant was, talk about it in a way that helps them see how their mind was keeping them from getting clients and having money.

This was a total game-changer for me!

So, how can you apply this to help YOU get coaching clients and grow your business online?

Step one: Think about what you could talk about passionately for hours on end.

Step two: Think about what your clients want more than anything… what makes them cry or think about for hours on end.

Step three: Start creating content around the problem they have with the slant of how your passion is the solution.

Example: You’re a Wellness Coach and you want to get coaching clients online. You could talk for hours about how cool the body is and how amazing of a machine it is. I can feel your passion but so what, it’s NOT going to sell anything… sorry.

Here’s what you do: Create content about what their problem is and encourage them that you’ve seen it before and you have a prescription. Your prescription is to tap into the unique aspect of the prospect’s own amazing body and hack it to finally and once in for all, solve their problem so they never have to struggle again.

There are many, many aspects to polish in our coaching or consulting business if we want to grow our coaching business online. You’ll definitely want to make learning about marketing, sales an overcoming objections as well as why your mind is keeping you from getting out there an being visible online.

What I’ve shared with you in this blog post is just a small aspect to think about if you’re pivoting your coaching business and moving in the direction of growth. See you next week with another article as I dive deep into another topic to help you get clients online.

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Sharon Lee, Sharon Koenig, online business coach, online mindset coach

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