Success Isn’t a Silver Bullet: Searching For What’s “Missing” is Killing Your Success!

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Among the many powerful mindset tips for entrepreneurs and mental switches that I’ve shared on this blog, this one is especially close to my heart. Why? Because it’s something that I spent FAR too long resisting against during the infancy of this business.

Without this in my way, I believe that I would be enjoying my financial freedom – and actually enjoying my business as a whole – much, much sooner.

It’s pretty simple, actually. In fact, let’s just sum it up in one neat little sentence:
There’s no silver bullet.

Yep, that’s it.

This search is a pointless waste of valuable time and energy.

There comes a point where you have…

  • Tuned into so many live streams, webinars, and group challenges,
  • Worked through countless freebie ‘checklists’ or inexpensive ‘mini-courses’,
  • Hopped onto several free coaching calls,

…That you have to finally start asking yourself these questions:

“When do I actually know enough to finally take action I can believe in?”

“When am I finally going to be done with being reminded of how much I already know?”

Want to know something interesting? You know AT LEAST enough to take action, I can guarantee it. After all, more and more entrepreneurs are realizing the importance of laying out ALL the precious value they can to hook you.

To keep you coming back for more. To get your loyalty, with you waiting patiently for them to launch their next big course – which probably contains a lot more of what you already know from them and everyone else you’ve been following.

Really, all that’s left to buy from coaches will rarely be any groundbreaking information they haven’t already shared with you. It’s THEM you’re buying.

Their accountability to make sure you ACT. Their support. Custom-tailored advice on when and where you should spend your energy. A guiding light when you feel intimidated, stuck, or overwhelmed.

Don’t get me wrong. All of these are absolutely priceless things. I stand behind them, believe in them, and encourage you to hire a coach if you think it would take your progress to the next level.

Hiring a coach changed the game for me, too – and yes, you can be sure that even entrepreneurs who are coaches themselves can benefit!

That said…

If you feel like you’re doing the right stuff, yet you’re frustrated with your results, it’s possible you need to switch your focus from ACCUMULATING more information… to ACTING on it, and CONSISTENTLY.

Doing EVERYTHING you’ve learned about the strategies, not just the convenient parts. Doing it for long enough to be able to measure progress, and to decide whether you really do need more information or a helping hand.

All too well, I understand the frustration of continuously searching for that ONE thing that’s going to kickstart your success. The truth? There is NO one thing. Success is many things.

Once I stopped looking for what I didn’t know, and actually APPLYING what I did… often, and without stopping… I finally saw my first successes.

mindset tips for business, mindset tips for entrepreneurs, entrepreneur mindset, mindset tips

Online business success consists of showing up. Authentically. Shamelessly. In the same places. Again, I do mean CONSISTENTLY. And making it okay to ASK – for followers. For people to get on your list. In your group. To ASK for the sale!

Master all of this, and you’re going to be unstoppable – I know it!

With lots of love,

P.S… Do you have any personal experience to share with what I call “silver bullet syndrome”? Have you wasted too much time seeking knowledge when you really only needed something as simple as believing in yourself and the strategies?

Share your insight with us in the comments below… I would love to hear your thoughts.

You rock!


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  1. This is on point! ACCUMULATING more information is great but we have to ACT on it CONSISTENTLY. I love the honesty in this post. Great job on this!

  2. Monique Cláudia

    “, it’s possible you need to switch your focus from ACCUMULATING more information… to ACTING on it, and CONSISTENTLY.” this part made me realize that I have to more and have a different strategy. Very helpful post. The process to success should be a enjoyable journey! Thank you so much. Made my day.

  3. This is actually spot on. This is the thing which entrepreneurs should read about instead of dead focus on past and fixing the right thing. Instead, they should focus on new goals and objectives. Hope they get to learn more from your blog.

  4. That seems like an interesting option. I too agree that custom-tailored advice is relevant than run off the mill books and groups that all say the same things!

  5. You’re quite right. The main problem isn’t information; it’s consistency! Staying with it can be hard, especially since I tend to get bored easily.

  6. Elizabeth O

    This is such an informative post indeed. You gave some really good advice for entrepreneurs to take on board.

  7. I agree that there is no one thing and that success is many things. For me, I love that my blog is growing however as long as I am able to reach one person that I feel like I have succeeded. I realize it isn’t the same as what you are talking about, but fairly close.

  8. Online business is all about showing up and taking charge. I am loving your tips here.

  9. I certainly have been lulled into inaction trying to make sure I did everything right. Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith and trust things will work out or you never end up accomplishing what you want to.

  10. I’m actually ashamed to admit how much I can relate to this. I’ve wasted far too much money on coaching, workshops, courses, and other things – and downloaded umpteen freebies – and I’m still not really any further ahead.

  11. One of the best posts that I read today indeed. I guess I was more focused on what’s not happening for me that I could not see what all good had happened and how can I level myself up. Thanks for changing my perspective today

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