Orlando Nightclub Shooting: Send Peace And Blessings

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No one could have expected the news of the Orlando Nightclub Shooting and what has transpired as a result. The hate, the hysteria and the chaos that we are seeing is no big surprise. After all, this is a tragedy and it would be otherwise unacceptable to feel and act in any other way for most people.

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Orlando Nightclub Shooting: What’s Your Reaction?

When tragedy strikes, we each have a choice what we focus on and how we react. It is my hope and my purpose that we choose to focus on sending out peace, love and blessings out to the world.

This Orlando Nightclub Shooting is no ordinary type of tragedy. It’s being speculated that it is a hate crime and since there is a possible ISIS connection which is being reported on CNN and other news outlets, that this disaster is being treated more like a terrorist attack.

In times like this, we will often have a few different reactions.

The emotional reaction takes hold of many and further chaos ensues. It is normal. We might feel hate, confusion, and – of course – pain.

There is no denying that the outrage society is feeling for this event is well-deserved. It’s important, however, that we work together to overcome this phase of mourning through spreading love rather than more hate.

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” ~Mother Teresa

When we spend our precious energy and focus on hate, we only perpetuate it. There is nobody – not you, not the victims, and not anyone else affected – who will benefit from the perpetuation of hatred.

When we focus on nothing outside of the anger we feel for these tragedies, we are sending out more vibrations of anger and hate into the world. Because we get what we give, an unfortunate reaction will occur.

The world doesn’t need more pain and hatred. Let’s understand the friends and family of the Orlando Nightclub Shooting will not be enriched or feel any sort of blessings by this either.

What I believe that is more important is to consider at this point is to send out love, peace and blessing. The sensationalism of the media effectively enables us as emotional creatures to keep feeding the outrage in our hearts and in our minds.

I’m pleading to the masses to help those touched by the tragedy. No matter their beliefs of any underlying meanings behind the attacks, please send heartfelt love and blessings.

To continue to feed into the sensationalism and perpetuate the outrage and hate will do nothing to heal the hearts of everyone affected. As humans, we are charged with a greater responsibility to bless each other with our love; especially in times of need.

There have been many who have come to the rescue of those in need, and far more who will take this opportunity to come to the aid of those that need it most.

gandhi quotes, mahatma gandhi quotes, be the change you want to see in the worldYet, there are still those who can’t touch the lives of others who have just had their world completely turned upside down by the Orlando nightclub shooting. So, what can you do? You can’t be there. You can’t hold their hand.

What you can do is pray. Regardless of whether you believe in a higher power called “God”, or if you trust in the law of attraction instead, you can speak words of peace and blessings for those who are hurt.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Turn a blind eye to the sensationalism and outrage. Forget the hate, because hate does no good for the world.

Protect your mind and protect your heart first by only allowing positive feelings of peace and love to into your world. Most importantly, give love to the world and send out peace especially in tragic times of upheaval.

When you give love, it will radiate out to those closest to you like your children, your partner and your friends and ultimately, out into the world to those who need it.

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