How To Reinvent Your Life: Learn The Steps To Success

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You want to know how to reinvent your life probably because of a life change. Maybe you have a burning desire for your life to change out of boredom or utter dissatisfaction with how things are going day to day.

In this video, I’ll discuss some powerful steps that you can use right now. You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to dramatically change the direction your life is going in for the better!

Decades ago, my life felt empty. It was designed with no greater purpose than to care for the house, and everyone in it. It was filled with plenty of being ‘busy’, and with no time left for growing as a person.

Worse yet, I’d left no time for just simply doing things that brought me joy. Outside of the joy that the children brought me, I didn’t even know what that was. I never took the time to find out!

Without even being aware of it, this was all my own doing. This is probably similar to what you’re experiencing. Through the years, you’ve made decisions that have each played a role in designing your life a certain way without your realizing it. It isn’t in a way that allows growth in the areas you value most, and you’re just simply not satisfied!

While being married and having children was a life dream of mine as a young child, I never imagined that there would be nothing in that life for me. I lost myself. Who had I become? I had stopped growing and my life wasn’t about me… at all.

Sometimes we get stuck in situations that end up being one-sided. In this situation where you are giving and those people around you are takers, it can throw you off track if you don’t have a good plan to re-feed yourself to continue to grow.

“You are one decision away from a totally different life.” ~Mark Batterson

How To Reinvent Your Life: The Basic Need to Grow Is In Us All

In any situation where your life becomes stagnant, it is now time to realize that your personal growth needs to be addressed. Let’s go through some of the steps on how to reinvent your life. Whatever your own reasons are to want this, let’s breakdown the steps.

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Step One – Take a look at how your life is designed. Are you doing the same things every single day? Is your life full of giving where there is no receiving? Do you have a personal joy in your day that gives you joy and fulfillment? Are you learning anything new or are you bored with too much routine.

Having standards for scheduled activities is important however the downside is the trap of falling into bad habits that don’t facilitate growth. Be careful as you begin this process now and add changes in slowly, one-at-a-time.

Step Two – Now, this step is never easy for anyone but it is imperative to look at who you hang around with. Really grasping how important growing is as an individual is life-changing. You must see if the people closest to you are truly supportive to your dreams and life goals or not. Are these people toxic in any way? Are these people growing or are they too in a place where they are stuck.

Studies have proven that people don’t typically grow beyond the status of the people around them. If you want more for your life, you need to hang around with people who are moving in the same direction as you.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ~Jim Rohn

How To Reinvent Your Life: Is Your Why Loud Enough?

Why bother changing anyway? Change is tough for some people but it is the only thing that is constant in life. Some people have a very difficult time with change, and this is one of the things that can hold them back.

Change is the only thing in life that improves anything in life. Being stagnant and accepting a life that doesn’t lead to success destroys all possibilities of an exciting, fulfilling life. People learn what they need in life or for a career and simply stay in line but never grow beyond that. This is because their primary need is comfort and certainty. I get it. Feeling calm, relaxed and comfortable is important to me too.

Step Three – Let’s sit for a moment now and ask, why you want to change. Is it important to me? Does this make me happy? Does this make me feel excited?

Make a list about things you don’t like about yourself. Admit it. Not your hair or teeth, these are all cosmetic fixes. What is it about your life that you don’t like. Notice as you are writing and reading the list that it creates dislike and a negative light.

Now look at the feeling that you would have if you changed those things. How do you want to feel? How could you improve those things?

It’s consistency that will help you change your life. Learning how to reinvent your life when you are not growing is the best time!

It’s decision time! If you need to lose weight, don’t wait to find the perfect personal trainer. Just make a commitment to small changes to move your body every day! If you want a new career, toss all of the negative voices aside and look at only the positives that will come out of it. If you are tired of being in debt, commit to setting aside more money towards your bills and make it automated so you don’t interrupt the process.

Step Four – Finally, speak it. When you announce to your friends and family that you are making a change, this adds accountability. This is frightening for many people because of our emotional fears. They are real. Being afraid of failure isn’t real. At the end of your life, no one will talk about it. It is YOU who will talk about the things in your life that you regret. It is you who will talk about the things that you wish you had done when you were younger.

Don’t live your life in regret when you are old. If you are tired of your life the way that it is, change it! Make a commitment right now and make the steps that it will take to learn how to reinvent your life.

Continue the conversation… What improvements are you willing to make in your life? What things have you wanted to change but didn’t take action on?Please leave a comment below!