Online Business Growth Tips to Eliminate Overwhelm

online business growth tips
Fearless Pursuits: Breakthrough To Success
Fearless Pursuits: Breakthrough To Success
Sharon Koenig: Online Business

You want success in your life and business don't you? You're tired of struggling and you're ready for content that excites and educates you, motivates and inspires you. Sit back and listen as we bust through what is keeping you from playing BIGGER in your life and business with knowledge, strategies and empowerment so you can fearlessly pursue your your life depends on it!

Stay tuned for some online business growth tips that will remove some of the complication from building a presence and getting clients regularly.

“Does online marketing really have to be so hard? I never feel like I’m doing enough, and I’m not seeing the results I should!”

This cry for help comes to me from an exasperated online coach who’s drowning in impostor syndrome.

As a business coach, she feels like she should have all the answers… Yet, her business isn’t growing at the rate she thinks it should.

Yikes, impostor syndrome and I were pretty good friends for a while. I know exactly where she is right now, and it’s not an abundant place to be practicing business.

Belief can be your best advantage – OR your worst enemy in online business growth.

Worse, you attract more of what you’re showing up as. When you doubt yourself, others will find it difficult to trust you, too.

Because they’re not seeing you when and where it counts. They’re not seeing the You that shouts her message from the mountaintops like she has the cure for someone’s big problem. (Which you DO!)

So, what is it that sets apart a coach that’s killin’ it, from one that struggles to see consistent success?

It’s not a formal education or their credentials…
It’s not that they know about some silver bullet you don’t…
And it’s certainly NOT that they offer anything “better” than you.

What was it that made everything ‘click’ for them? It was determination, grit, and BELIEF that it was possible. Unfortunately, the clients I work with don’t believe they can achieve it to begin with, because they don’t think they have what it takes to work “hard enough”.

This is the kind of work I do with my clients. Strategies are only part of it.

But what use is strategy if you’re too stuck in your own head to make use of it? How would you be able to act confidently and consistently enough to see others believing in you too?

And just how hard is working “hard enough”?

How would you feel if you learned that it didn’t NEED to be so hard? Each of us have been conditioned to believe that you must work HARD in order to earn amazing success.

Study hard. Work hard. Burn out. Only when you’ve invested good ol’ “blood, sweat and tears” will you ever see dreams come true.

Bull. S***. When we believe with every fiber of our being that difficulty is a primary ingredient to success, that’s what life brings.

Obstacles. That belief and expectation makes the challenging seem impossible. It stagnates us with fear of all the wrong ‘what ifs’.

I know not just from clients… not just from reading… but also because I’ve been one of those people. I was raised in this belief. Then, I join social media and see “hustle” and “grind” being pushed in our faces at every turn.

How can YOU shift out of this limited thinking? Here’s 4 tips…

3 Online Business Growth Tips

1. Begin replacing “this is hard and I don’t have enough time” with “I treat the important thing like it’s the important thing, and I FIND time for it”. Change your THINKING habits and see your DOING habits change. Change your DOING habits, and watch your LIFE change.

2. Visualize what your life and business would look like if it were easy. How would you spend your day? What would you say NO to? Act as if. Pretend business is easy, and run it that way.

When you run your business the way your soul wants you to, you can’t help but turn heads with the undeniable passion and authenticity that shines through your message.

3. Spend less time doing what you ‘should’ do. When you separate must-do ‘money making activities’ from the ‘shoulds’, you’ll instantly watch as you accomplish more tangible results in less time.

Let go of the need to be everywhere and do ALL the things… Start being consistent with doing the RIGHT things for you, and showing up in the RIGHT places.

If you’re running out of time for the ‘musts’ because your day is so full of ‘shoulds’, it’s time to look into cutting out whichever of those isn’t bringing you results – and to outsource the ones that do.

In the comments, let me know another huge mindset switch you needed to make before you got to where you are!

For me, a HUGE one I wrestled with was the belief that people wanted what I had to sell, even if I wasn’t selling “What EVERYONE wants”. My business has had several complete makeovers all because of this limiting belief…

Yet, success only began for me once I finally embraced what I felt most called to give the world. Because when I started selling something I believed in my soul would change lives, others couldn’t help but believe in me too.

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