Being Happy: Positive Affirmations

being happy, the key to happiness, weekly affirmations

For this installation of my positive affirmations, I’d like to talk about being happy, and the beliefs you need have to choose happiness – not just as a feeling, but as a lifestyle!

While raising your vibration is a great tool to get your mind out of a tough moment, there is a lot more to consistently feeling happy.

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Below, I’ve mentioned some important commitments to make with your subconscious mind to help you bring happiness into your life. Enjoy!


I can manifest happiness by changing my habits and taking control of how I react to my circumstances.

Being happy is a path that I can choose to walk on, not a destination to arrive at. Happiness is my state of mind.

being happy, the key to happiness, weekly affirmationsI am committed to choosing the path of happiness. The path is only as bumpy or winding as I choose to make it. I am in full control of my own happiness.

I create my own happiness.

I rely on myself and my own strength to create it, and not anyone else’s. I take full responsibility for my happiness.

I understand that the key to my happiness is a privilege to have possession of, and that key is not to be given to anyone else but me. I deserve full ownership of my personal happiness. I can make myself happy.

I have the power to choose how I react to every situation. No situation, no matter how bad, is permanent, and it does not define me. I choose to be happy.

I am committed to immersing myself in healthy relationships. I deserve to have relationships that thrive and grow. I want to surround myself with people that nurture my enthusiasm and passions.

I deserve to be with people that stand beside me as I continue to grow. I love feeling supported and cared for. I am committed to bringing only the people in my life that can love me for who I am now, as well as supporting my potential.

I am committed to make being happy into a priority. I deserve to have a happy, fulfilling life. I am committed to taking the steps necessary to achieve greater happiness. My long-term fulfillment is more important to me than my short-term comfort.

I am constantly growing my happiness by maintaining a positive outlook, searching for the good in things, and reinforcing my well-being. I release all of my bad habits with ease, because I understand that my growth will contribute to my happiness.

I am committed to choosing happiness in every situation I can. I am dedicated to learning how I can bring myself out of my darkness, so that I can help others out of theirs.

I choose to give happiness wherever I possibly can. By sharing my smile and giving my attention, I give happiness to others. I love to see their faces brighten. Happiness is an easy form of love that I can give.

I feel more confident when I am happy. My happiness makes me a more likable person. People are drawn to me when I radiate happiness.

Today, I intend to share my perspective on happiness with others. Instead of being a goal to work toward, I realize that happiness is actually a tool I can use to achieve my goals. Rather than trying to gain happiness, I have decided that I AM happy.

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Self-Reflection Questions:

  • What is a different, more positive way that I can look at my current challenges?
  • What bad habits can I change or let go of so that I can begin to seek long-term pleasure instead?
  • Who influences my well-being? Do I have a poisonous relationship in my life, or do I have a destructive learned thought pattern that causes me to decide to feel a certain way?

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