How Can I Be The Best Version Of Myself Everyday

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I’m constantly asking myself, “how can I be the best version of myself everyday?” This wasn’t a question the younger version of me asked. To be honest with you, I wasn’t too concerned about that. I just needed to get out of poverty.

I spend a LOT of my life living in poverty as if that wasn’t bad enough, I lived most of my life doubting myself, feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere, or that I sucked at this that or the other thing.

I just didn’t like myself. It’s a shadow version of myself that haunts me.

I soon learned that if I didn’t like myself, I wouldn’t have good relationships. Then I became consumed about the next thing and that’s: how can I be the best version of myself in a relationship too.

Then I discovered I had an obsession with being the best version of myself physically. It seemed like that was the only thing in my life that I could control.

When you’re feeling bad about yourself, you tend to feel like your life is out of control… at least this is what my clients and I rehash all of the time in our coaching sessions.

I work deeply with their mind to help them get out of that thought-model and into a better feeling thought that serves them.

How Can I Be The Best Version Of Myself Everyday: Quote

“You are your BIGGEST project.” This is a quote that pretty much says it all. It’s said by Aldous Huxley.

When you’re young, you’re living in the ego version of yourself and you don’t think too much about anything else. Something seems to happen to us as we get older and we begin to think about self-improvement.

Alternately, I have seen friends and family STILL in the ego version of themselves and let me tell you, they have a lot of issues with relationships. This is mainly because they aren’t thinking about how others might be feeling or what they might be thinking.

We can take this too far as well. I’m chuckling to myself as I write that because we humans just can’t win. We’re too giving, too selfish, too this or too that and at the same time… not enough. Insert *facepalm here.

We can’t win… or can we?

How Can I Be The Best Version Of Myself Everyday With… Clarity

One of the best ways to get clarity about what we want is through looking in a lens of the end result. The first step is to look at your life on your death bed. Sounds creepy, right?

It’s a technique called, “The Eulogy Exercise”. We can use it to ask ourselves, “what was my life all about” or “what do I want people to feel or think of me”?

That’s pretty far off in the future but still a very valuable exercise.

We can draw in to a more recent time in the future too. You can ask yourself the same question but use a time-frame of 3 years or 5 years. Ask: “What do I want my life to be about in 10 years from now?”

That’s a great benchmark in time to have you begin working on a version of yourself that you love. You need to begin NOW taking steps to create that version of yourself who’s ten years from now, wealthy, in love, healthy and happy.

How Can I Be The Best Version Of Myself Everyday With… INTENTION

Intention is everything when it comes to how you’ll feel, the actions you take so you can begin to see the most optimal outcome you desire unfold exactly the way you want it to.

Everyday, you should be writing down what you want. These are your goals. We might have a goal for how we feel. We might have a goal for what we need to believe about ourselves. We might need to integrate the actions we need to take so we can keep ourselves accountible and know if we’re on track or not.

So, I’ll ask you: Are you writing your goals down?

This is a DAILY task you absolutely must commit to if you want to be your best version every-single-day. This is part of “The Daily Shift” that I created.

Intention is incredibly powerful. It’s how you purposely design your life. It’s how you DECIDE what’s important and believe me when I say, it’s EVERYTHING to creating each and every experience we have.

How Can I Be The Best Version Of Myself Everyday: Your Identity Matters

Who you’ve practiced BE-ing all of these years actually plays a MAJOR part in how easy or how difficult it will be for you to step into your best version of yourself.

We live our lives believing certain things about ourselves and you really need to know that most of these things are just limiting beliefs.

Do yourself a favor and really learn to dive deep into your mind look into your limiting beliefs. These stories that you tell yourself really don’t serve you and set you up to self sabotage.

Take a look at the values and characteristics of your best version, even going so far as to make a list.

Making a list of your values and asking yourself if you’re living this way will cue you into whether or not you’re on track to being your best version or if you need to make some changes.

I would take it a step further and make a list of your characteristics, the way you’d like to dress, the kinds of friend you have and even the health of your relationships.

Once you get this kind of clarity, really dive deep into your identity and peel back or eliminate the limiting stories, your life will change forever.

Your Next Level is waiting for you! Embody it. Learn to come into alignment with it. ❤️

And say yes to stepping into the most turned on, rich and free version of yourself.

Just know there’s no going back…

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