How To Get Clients Online The Right Way

get clients online

“How do I get clients online?”

THAT… is the WRONG question to ask. STOP it!

Here’s what you gotta be thinking aaaand doing instead.

First things first, we’re not talking branding here.

Yes, of course that’s important and that’s part of the recipe that I’ve helped you with before but today, I want you to wrap your mind around a better question to ask yourself that will actually make you money in your business.

Ask yourself this…

➡️“Why would they sign up for a consultation call to even start talking with me?”

You can be in the “doing” of sending 6 emails over 3 days and even offering a bonus too.

You can be posting and posting content on social media…

But, why aren’t they taking you up on your bonus?

I’ll tell you why…



What’s that even mean?

Well, the nitty-gritty of all of this means you haven’t mastered your message. You haven’t figured out a way to inspire them to feel like they need to take action.

Why? Well, the main reason is because most coaches and consultants are boring. #SorryNotSorry They just aren’t inspiring.

Snore… 😴💤

How To Get Clients Online: The Practical Steps

Their prospects are just not motivated to take action. There’s nothing inspiring about them or their content.

They don’t really grasp the REAL concept of what that really means.

No… it’s not an inspirational quote. Sooooo boring guys. Really gotta get away from doing this so much.

They don’t relate with you when you’re just throwing out boring content like that.

The first step is to be in love with your business. The next step is to be in love with your client. REALLLLLLY feel their struggles… but most of all, you NEED to be EXCITED about what you DO!

Not having these ingredients in your recipe means, you’ll feel more doubt and overwhelm more often. It means you’ll be lost about what to create in your marketing attempts.

Start with being an example of what’s possible!

Get into inspiration. Ask yourself this… what’s leaving me uninspired? Journal on it to uncover your block.

How To Get More Clients Online, Even As A Newbie For Your Coaching, Consulting Or Freelance Business

One of the first steps is really getting in touch with your niche, this is the people who are struggling with a real pain and have enough money to pay you.

This isn’t rocket science yet so many people struggle with this.

Now, you need to have a marketing strategy.

Where will you promote your business? What is your messaging? What are you selling?

Let’s talk about content a bit more. You need to constantly be in creation-mode. You need to know what to create BUT this brings up an issue about you getting burned out.

The way to avoid that is to be inspired!

Here are a few steps to get you into creating inspired content.

✔️Find gratitude and sufficiency in EVERYTHING (not just your biz). Loving your life. Live in the miracle of life. Use the 17 second Rampage of gratitude.

✔️Getting coached. Aggressive coaching. Deep vulnerability (this is what changed EVERYTHING for me). Let go of being a “right-fighter”. You can be right or rich so learn to surrender to being wrong. The best proof is having breakthroughs. Share breakthroughs.

✔️Focus your mind from a place of abundance. BECOME the you who has it now. Be there now. Become the person you’ll be! Act like the coach or consultant that HAS clients now.

The trick is to find enoughness.

Remember, your clients and prospects don’t buy your branding, they buy results. You’ve gotta learn some strategies that SHOW them the results they’ll get.

This is all done in your marketing.

Wanna learn how? I’ve opened up my schedule for the “Marketing Makeover” calls. I’ll help you with the roadmap that’ll attract clients to you and BE that inspired coach or consultant you NEED to be to make money in your biz.

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