Bold Money Mindset Tips To Create Untapped Wealth

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The money mindset tips I’ll be covering, will create a shift in you to help you see things differently. It should be no surprise that your money mindset is a lot more important than you realize and needs more focus.

If you’re wanting to change your money mindset beliefs, read on…

What are your beliefs about money? Have you given much though about what your mindset is when it comes to money?

Do you hoard money when you get it?

Do you have a mindset of fear when it comes to spending money?

Living in poverty most of my life, I’ve had very specific scarcity beliefs about money but the interesting fact is, I actually didn’t realize these beliefs were keeping me broke.

It wasn’t until I divorced and started my online coaching business that I realized that my money mindset needed some work. I knew all of the strategies for growing an online business and helping my clients build their businesses but I had a bad relationship with money and it didn’t stay in my life.

I had a love affair with money that sent the Universe very mixed messages.

Money Mindset And The Lies I Told Myself | Money Mindset Quotes

We’re all lying to ourselves when it comes to our money mindset. These are just stories that we tell ourselves that really don’t have any validity to them.

These are just some of the money mindset examples or money mindset quotes if you will, that I told myself on a regular basis… pretty much every single day.

“I’m bad at handling money”

“I have to work hard for money”

“Money is hard to come by”

“There’s never enough money”

Do any of these statements ring true for you? Well, you’re definitely not alone. Most of my clients that I work with have money mindset issues just like this.

How I Overcame My Own Money Mindset Issues

I was struggling to find the perfect dream clients so I was never booked solid. I soon spiraled into self-doubt, comparison-itis and shiny-object syndrome.

The objections that I heard during a sales call around money and the fees that I charged were a daily event and I soon began hating sales calls. I knew that I couldn’t continue to build a business online feeling this way.

I couldn’t go it alone because I couldn’t get those defeating thoughts about myself and money out of my head so I hired a coach.

That was the single best thing that I did to help me with my own money mindset issues and honestly what has made the biggest change in how I build my business today.

The Money Mindset Shifts To Create Wealth | Money Mindset Exercises

What I discovered was, I need to go within and do some reprograming and healing.

When you look at your own money mindset, think about the stories you tell yourself. Aren’t these old stories? Do these stories really help you feel good about yourself?

For myself when I answered these questions, I discovered I was in fact trying to heal these same stories over and over again and I became frustrated that I hadn’t really made any headway.

When you realize the Universe is vibrating with energy, you know you’re a part of it. These stories you’re telling yourself are part of the problem because ultimately this is how you’re vibrating in the world.

If you don’t spend the time to heal your stories, you’ll continue thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same feelings and sending these vibrations out to the Universe.

The first step is becoming aware of your stories and own them. This was a daily money mindset exercise that I did but it meant that I had to be very intentional about this practice.

From here you can begin to feel the gratitude for the $5 that you have in your wallet. Even if you only have $25 left in your bank account and you’d normally be scared, move your thoughts to gratitude for how you got the money and that you have it at all.

There’s no way that I can go into all of this in a blog post but I have been teaching on this subject in a very in depth module of my Sales & Confidence Mastery program.

The Money Mindset Energy You Need To Adapt Today

Another really important shift that will help you align you with money is pretty simple but perhaps not as easy as we’d want it to be.

The reason it’s maybe “hard” is because, it has everything to do with your energy.

When you’ve learned that your energy comes from your feelings which come from your thoughts, you soon learn that keeping your thoughts and feelings abundant is a key.

But how do you do that when your world comes crashing down or worse, when you want to get clients online and build your business but you just don’t see the results.

Holding that energy WITHOUT actually seeing evidence is merely impossible for most people but here’s what you MUST do.

In order to hit that next-level version of yourself with an abundant money mindset, a successful, thriving business, you’ll need to stabilize and anchor your faith.

Faith is absolutely the most powerful key to opening the door to your next-level version that is able to heal the old stories and embody that energy of having an abundant money mindset.

The thing is, the energy we currently have when it comes to our money mindset is the exact same energy your potential clients are in.

The only way to make the shift is to first work on YOUR energy.

Consider your OWN price objections and break them down.

Push yourself to get UNCOMFORTABLE. Take BIG, BOLD action and INVEST in yourself.

Write down and embody money mindset mantras to shift your energy. You DO deserve so much more abundance, and your dream clients are there, but before you can be open to receiving them you first have to make that space.

>>What is your biggest struggle when it comes to money mindset? Let us know in the comments below.

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