1. I find meditation, yoga and exercise help me to balance and centre myself. I think it important for me to take that time for myself to stop me getting stressed.

  2. I so agree with the writing down method – visualising makes things less scary and… well, it’s SO nice to cross things off your list…

  3. It certainly all makes sense and is probably working if you are a little bit down. But I’m afraid that we all have to face situations in life that are prone to kick us off our tracks. Once you’ve lost your balance and feel to be out of control it’s very hard to get centered. But I must say this is a thing that gets easier with a certain age – at least there are some advantages 😉

  4. This was so helpful to read, I have been struggling to regain control of my life, it’s not always easy to regain balance! Thank you for sharing.

  5. “It’s never about having enough time for what matters. It’s about knowing your values and setting aside time for each of them.”
    Thanks for this reminder! I really need this right now. I feel that I have a lot of things to do but now I guess I should think about my priorities first.

  6. I used to have a terrible problem with balance, mostly because I was taking on far too many things. A couple of years ago, I really began to address my Disease to Please, started saying no to most new requests, and removing things from my life that didn’t serve me anymore. Best decision I ever made. x

  7. Misty Nelson

    I have a hard time finding balance in my life! Life is so busy it is sometimes hard to find that perfect balance.

  8. as a digital nomad freelancer I’m always re-balancing my life rhythms and and life-working balance. This is one of th hardest but ordinary and necessary parts of my routine. So thank you for sharing with us these tips and motivation

  9. Prioritize the things that have high priority is something I’m working on now. I’m glad I read this, it’s like putting me back to the ground and analyze my way of working and organize. Thank you!

  10. Jess

    Sharon I’ve been binge reading your blog all morning! I wanted to comment on your abundance mindset post but the comments are closed? I really loved this post too. “A baby step every day in the right direction is further than standing still.” pretty much sums up where I’m at right now. I feel much more in tune with the bigger picture now, but I’m still fighting off my bad mental habits. Your blog is amazing, keep up the great work!

  11. Very well written post. I love your closing sentence, it really sums up a solution to a lot of problem in life. People using the phrase “I don’t have enough time” as an excuse, way too much these days, and with a little change in their mindset all their problems could be solved.

  12. That was actually something that I had not thought of before and its probably why I struggle to sleep at night. Maybe if I wrote down everything that I was thinking of it would stop me from feeling exhausted at night as I toss and turn and try and sleep. Thank you for the advice.

  13. Getting the right balance can be tricky I need to prioritise things better definitely. Great post!

  14. For me, I do have lots of thought in my head and I also find myself very helpful to write it down on a journal and keep my motivation going. Also, I find yoga and meditation daily routine helps me also.

  15. As my profession, I have to work whenever I can. Even if I did my fair share of work hours, there are few situations where I have to work from home. But thanks to some meditation, I, at least can keep my head calm.

  16. For me, good sleep, hot bath, and exercise help me to balance my life whenever my life is out of control. It makes me relax and rejuvenate…it is a very well-written post. Thank you for sharing these tips and motivation.

  17. Sometimes I feel when I’ve been on the go and things are getting a bit crazy that I just need to take a full day out and be selfish and make myself feel good x

  18. Finding balance can be so hard for me sometimes, but I always try to take a step back and look at what my priorities are and how I can organize my time more efficiently. Great post!

  19. Sometimes I can feel life to be overwhelming. Finding balance can be a real challenge. On days I feel this way I take time to do something I like and enjoy. Then I find I have re-centered myself.

  20. Elizabeth O

    The first step is acknowledgement. Some folks don’t stop long enough to ask the question. Kudos on your journey!

    • Definitely true! So funny how, even looong after 4 years old, we all hope that problems will go away if we don’t look at them 🙂 If only!

  21. suchi

    I find meditation, yoga and exercise help me to balance and centre myself.

    • All great suggestions! We should all set aside more time for re-centering ourselves.

  22. I have always used yoga and meditation in order to calm down and regain focus, as well as my faith helps me remail calm through prayer! I loved reading your post!

    • Those are some excellent techniques! Meditation is something anyone can benefit from. Sooo nice for gaining clarity and setting an intention for the rest of the day.

  23. Jen S

    All these points are so true! I don’t usually write stuff down but I have great friends that let me just unwind about life now and then.

    • Sounds like true friends to me! We all need a shoulder to cry on sometimes.

  24. I’ve found the biggest thing for maintaining balance in my life is to say no to most things. I used to take on far too many things and felt overwhelmed all of the time. Now, I’m very mindful of what I can indeed accomplish in a day and the sense of peace I get from only doing a few things (and doing them well). x

    • It’s good to understand your boundaries. When you firmly espect your own boundaries, you set an example that teaches others to respect them, too.

  25. You are right when you imply that you need to live life proactively instead of reactively. Things never go well when you do this. Journaling is something that would help with that I think. Unfortunately I tend to treat it in a reactive manner.

  26. This post is a helpful reminder that we should not forget to keep the right balance in our lives, in the hectic world that we live in. At home I make a week planning and include all the things that I have to do and at work I always make a to do list. This helps me to keep my mind at ease.

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