Living in Fear | The State of Your Life Series: 01

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Living in fear is an experience nearly 90% of all humans experience on a daily basis for most of their life. Fear is the very driving force for most of us to take action in our lives and sometimes living in fear does exactly the opposite. We create patterns of procrastination and made up stories in our minds that keep us from growing.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. [Read on…]

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As I am talking to friends and clients on a daily basis, I hear them say “I’m afraid of”…

What may surprise you is that many of these people are professionals working in fields that are thought of as highly intelligent, educated and successful. The idea of living in fear conjures up a person who is destitute perhaps and has a lot of problems created from a lack of success.

The poor, uneducated mad is living in fear as much as the wealthy, successful man is. Why do you suppose so many of us are living in fear?

Not all of it is their fault. As a matter of fact, this fear that so many people have is simply human nature. The tendency to avoid situations that put us in fear at all costs is quite normal. The entrepreneurial personality will push through these types of situations more than those who crave certainty and comfort.

living in fear

Living in fear: Some things never change

Your own brain, with all of it’s good intentions, sabotages you with its desire for “homeostasis” – a sense of sameness, familiarity and reliability that brings you a feeling of safety and comfort. It’s pure instinct that’s built into all of us.

While it’s great for protecting us from danger, unfortunately, it can hinder just as much as help. It’s not so great for feeling brave enough to chase big dreams or make huge changes in our lives. This is another reason why it’s so hard to break habits that we’ve gotten so used to having!

The very idea that even the most successful don’t experience fear is ridiculous. If you’re not afraid, then you’re not human. Our fears tend to change over time as we have new experiences. So for those of you who are judging yourself for living in fear, stop that right now and realize this face will never change.

We as individuals are evolved and aware at different levels. It’s completely up to each of us to decide if we want to live life on the Kindergarten level, or somewhere in between the high school to university level. What this means is we have a choice in how we react to the fears that we have.

Living in fear: Is it possible to take advantage of your fears?

We can choose to consistently live in fear, or we can learn to live more consciously and make our fears work in our favor.

Here are a few steps to avoid living in fear, and taking advantage of these situations to grow and possibly even contribute beyond ourselves.

Take a moment to be quiet, away from all distractions and noise. Question your fear. What are you so afraid of? Is it because of a past experience, or of an experience that you’ve been told that you could have?

Realize that your past experiences, and certainly not your circumstances can define you. Your results DEFINITELY do not have to be defined by someone else’s reality, either!

living in fear

Understand that when people rain on your parade, they think they’re protecting you from making a mistake. There is no sense in blaming them for defending you… however hurtful their way of doing so may be.

If the situation is critical and you could possibly die, your fear is warranted. That’s a no-brainer! However, if it’s simply your ego or lack of interest for stepping outside of your comfort zone, then you quite possibly may be able to use the experience to your benefit.

Realize right now that fear is part of success! Never judge yourself for feeling afraid. Fear is human nature, and there is no point in judging what you can’t change. But there IS hope for moving forward despite it!

Now, re-frame the situation for a more positive outcome. Remember, being in a state of higher consciousness will help you, so stay in silence. You must get introspective, and think about the greater outcome. It’s not easy to sit back and evaluate yourself and your feelings without becoming a little judgmental.

Living in fear: Be careful about your inner-dialogue.

As you become more aware of your feelings, you can begin to spiral out of control. Be careful to understand that the mind-games have begun but don’t let them win. Fear isn’t something to be avoided. Use fear to your advantage. Fear can be a wonderful opportunity to learn about yourself if you allow it. Fear can also be used as a chance to grow on a personal level too.

Remember, if you’re living in fear… then you’re simply not living at all.

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