How to Manifest Love: 5 Powerful Strategies to Manifest Your Soulmate

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I believe you can manifest love. The soulmate of your dreams is waiting out there for you. With the right vibrations, mindset and heartfelt thoughts, you can manifest love into your life.

Finding your life partner is, needless to say, some pretty serious business. While most poor decisions are easy to recover from, a bad marriage can negatively affect you for the rest of your life. Whether or not it does depends upon how long it takes you to come to terms with the fact that you deserve to ask for what you really  want out of your love life.

manifest love, manifesting love, find your soulmate, finding your soulmate

We’ve all heard that annoying cliché, “There’s plenty of fish in the sea”. Even if you’re already thinking about how to manifest love back into your life, this cheesy line is the last thing we want to hear when you’re feeling vulnerable.

Believe me, I know it well – the emotional burden of a separation, paired with the overwhelming fear of being alone, seems like it deserves a warm blanket, a hug, and a box of chocolates rather than someone else’s nonchalant “advice”. Go take your optimism somewhere else, I’m busy feeling sad right now.

Do you really want to manifest love?

Once we finally find ourselves ready to move on, however, it’s actually one of the best pieces of advice to take to heart. Why? Because it’s absolutely true! There billions of human beings on the face of this earth, and with them, billions of possibilities exist.

Only by preparing a place in your heart for someone better for you can you ever possibly hope to meet them! Each day, remain in a receiving mindset for the possibilities.

With every small step you make each day to carve out a place in your life for love, your reality opens up, anything can happen from here!

To be successful in anything, there are always strategies and tools that can be used to get closer to your goal. This is still even true with finding your soulmate and manifesting love!

Like it short n’ sweet? For a brief summary, check out the infographic below!

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Simple steps to manifest love and finding your soulmate

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action plan, plan of action
Learning how to manifest love isn’t out of your reach. You need to understand a few basic concepts and learn to give way to the law of resistance first. This is the law which states you get the very thing that you’re resisting because of the energy that is expended on the thought.

1. Replace your limiting beliefs and quiet your inner critic. If you’re reading this, you already know that you’re not satisfied with your current situation. The first step in the right direction is to change the beliefs that are keeping you from growing beyond it. Limiting thoughts such as; “who would want me?” or “I’m too fat to have my soul mate come into my life.” You must free your mind and believe that any outcome is possible.

You don’t have to fear being alone and sad if you let your partner go. Learn to embrace this time you have to be yourself without the fear of judgement. Go do the things that you always wanted to do, but didn’t do out of the fear that it would affect your partner.

If you exercise your independence and enjoy these activities with the right mindset, you also open yourself up to the possibility of meeting someone who enjoys doing that activity, too.

You CAN and WILL find someone that’s a better match. Have you been told limiting things like, “You will never find anyone better than that”, or “Most people would kill for a partner like the one you have/had already”?

This sort of input can be terrifying at first. It can make you judge yourself for wanting anything else. I get it – I was with a nice man. Everybody knew it, and I knew it. A “Nice” man alone is something that I realized a lot of women didn’t have the luxury of. Finding contentment with what you have is only good if you also open yourself up to the possibility of something more.

Do you feel that the person you’ve been with is already very close to what you want, but not quite “The One”? I understand that other people may be telling you to stop seeking “perfection”. You may even be judging yourself.

Truthfully, you’re not seeking THE perfect partner – you’re seeking YOUR perfect partner. They’re good for you where it matters most, and imperfect where it doesn’t. Trust your instincts, not what other people think they know about what you need.

It’s important to embrace the good in them, and celebrate how close you got! This IS a win, because it shows you that you brought to you exactly what you asked for. No more, and no less. Now, all that’s left to is to be more specific!

Use the good parts of this relationship as an example of what you want from your next one, and build on it!

2. Find ways to give more of the love you’d like to receive in your life.
What are the things that make you feel loved and light up your day? Is it the little things, like if he or she would write “I love you” on a sticky note and leave it in your lunchbox? Is it the silly, small compliments? Like how you style your hair, or about how the color you’re wearing today looks good on you?

Maybe it’s through kind favors. You probably love it when people do things for you that they know you like – without you having to ask. Or, maybe it’s through an occasional gift they brought on the way home, just to show that you were in their thoughts.

Start doing more of these things yourself. If you’ve been familiar with the law of attraction for any length of time, you likely understand how this ties in with, “you get what you give”.

Our circumstances are a mirror of every bit of energy we give out. If you give out the love that you want to receive, it will be returned.

3. You’ve opened up your heart, and now you need to open up your life. While it’s just as important to make the inner you open to receiving love, now you need to take steps toward making the outer you receptive to love.

This means that, after making room in your heart for love, you need to make room in your life, too. I know it can be difficult to do, but if you truly want to manifest love, then you’ll get over your hang-ups.

Ask yourself questions to determine how to fit your love into your life. With my current schedule, would I have time to give love to a partner? If not, how can I change that? Do I just need to work through this busy phase in my life? One especially important question to ask yourself is, “Will I be faced with more busy phases in my life that may complicate the kind of relationship I want?”

Does your current career path stand in the way of building a deeply passionate and romantic long-term relationship? If that kind of relationship feels authentic to what you want, you may need to reconsider your career. At the very least, you may need to look into reducing the hours you work.

Until you make the room in your life for exactly the kind of relationship you really want, you won’t bring that kind of relationship to you.

4. Broaden your horizons. Simply deciding to do something different today, like taking that extra five minutes to drive to a different Starbucks location from the usual for your morning cup o’ Joe, or taking your walks at a different time of day could be an opportunity to bring someone to you.

With an open mind, an open heart, and a little bit of variety, anything can happen. Anyone can cross paths with you… if you actively seek out possible opportunities to meet them.

5. Play the part. An important part of manifesting love, like anything else, is visualization. Taking physical and tangible steps toward your goal can help immensely in bringing it to life.

I can understand that it might make you feel silly to “play pretend”. Call it “wishful thinking”, and the people in your life who matter won’t hold it against you. However, doing it in your lonesome may feel more comfortable.

It may still seem too difficult to see this exercise as something that will help bring your soulmate to you. Still, these can be excellent habits to make that will prepare you for living with someone else.

Ask yourself this: If you were together with the love of your life right now, what habits would you make to accommodate a partner? Would you clear out some space in your closet for their clothes? Maybe you would keep your personal items on one side of the sink, leaving room on the other side for theirs. You may even simply remember to politely close the toilet seat.

Have fun with it! With the right mindset, finding your soulmate can be an exciting adventure.

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