The Mind And Consciousness: Why You Are Getting In Your Own Way?

mind and consciousness, levels of consciousness

The mind and consciousness involves four levels of consciousness which most people are completely unaware of. You may be wondering why this is important. I’ll get into explaining this in a bit more depth.

The primary reason for discussing this is because when we are going through our lives, we do so much of it on autopilot. This can have extremely negative consequences.  Are you getting in your own way?  It wouldn’t be the first time that we got in our own way on the journey to success. Success could mean so many different things to each of us.

Success in our personal or professional life is ultimately the goal that we all want, and yet one of the biggest problems that we have is living in a conscious level that doesn’t help us. If we are living in a conscious level that is beneath us, then we will never reach our goals. We’ll never reach the level of success that we want.

mind and consciousness, levels of consciousness

The Mind And Consciousness: Four Levels Of Consciousness

I want to introduce you to a couple of the levels of consciousness. In fact, there are four conscious levels, and I’ll tell you where you might be living.

  1. Conscious level number one is living in escapism. When we are living an escapism we are spending a great deal of our time escaping life, escaping our problems and our stress. You see, we’re living in a constant state of overwhelm, especially here we are in this century where we’ve had more social media and more things coming at us than ever before!
    • Life in some ways is so easy because of the conveniences that we have but on the other hand is also much more complex and overwhelming than it’s ever been in history!
    • So what do we do with that? Well we find ourselves escaping with alcohol and drugs sometimes. Sometimes it’s just hours and hours of TV. Sometimes its food. This is where we want to just feed ourselves to make ourselves just feel better and escape the drama of life as well as the stress and the overwhelming of the day.
  2. Conscious level number two is what we call minutiae. This is where you get caught up in the drone of the day, the the treadmill of the day, the 9 to 5 grind. This is the kind of drag that we have on our life where we’re not feeling fulfilled in our life or happy and it just feels like our life has just become a chore. We simply feel as though we’re just getting through the day. Day after day after day with nothing new in our day nothing exciting in our day. Our day is boring and there’s no level of success and no hope for anything fun.
  3. The third level of consciousness which is where we’re living in the physical time consciousness. This is where we are either living in the past, dealing with pain and memories of what’s happened to us. We call that our “baggage” sometimes, because it interferes with our life. It drags us down like heavy luggage. We can’t go out and make new relationships. We can’t go after that job we want, or get a job promotion or anything because we’re dealing with fears and insecurities from our past.
    • What’s more, we are also thinking about thinking about what’s going to happen next too. Either way, thinking like this can get in your way of success and feeling fulfilled and happy in your life.
  4. The fourth level of consciousness is where we’re living in the now moment. When we’re really observing life in this very moment, and I can tell you that it is very difficult for us as humans to live in this level of consciousness because of where we are in society today. Because of what we  have brought into our lives, we have no one else to blame for it.  We keep bringing more and more and more into our life and we’re not saying no. We’re not shutting everything down and what ends up happening is we can’t see our goals we can’t have a moment of peace in our own mind.

Have you ever felt like life was coming at you so fast that your head just was spinning? That’s what’s happening to a lot of people I talk to. Honestly, I’ve been there too. I’ve felt that. I’m a single mom. I have a little one that I homeschool, as well as having my own business. I completely understand what that’s like!

mind and consciousness, levels of consciousness

Now there’s no crime in living in escapism from time to time. You need a little vacation from life, and you just want to have marathon TV sessions. Maybe you want to just over indulge a little bit with your friends. It’s like having a party! There needs to be balance. When you do that more often than not, you’re going to live a pretty unhealthy life both physically and mentally.

While that can be okay from time to time, it’s not optimal for living out your goals, achieving success and fulfillment. The art of fulfillment is something that we’re all chasing. We want to be fulfilled in our life but how can we when we are caught up in minutiae? When we’re living in the past or when we’re thinking about what’s going to happen next?

There’s no way you can have a fulfilling conversation and give of yourself to someone when you’re not even listening. You’re caught up in what you want to say. You’re living in this ego place instead,aren’t you?

There’s no way we can feel fulfilled – TRULY fulfilled in our lives when we can’t give of ourselves. If you’re not achieving a level of success, and you’re getting in your own way, I want you to think about it. After you watch this video, ask yourself: What level of consciousness are you living in, and is it serving you?