Improve Self Worth: Give Yourself Permission To Ask For What You Want

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Improve self worth by giving yourself the permission. I can see why this may sound strange to you at first. The truth is, you’re actually the only person who can tell you what you can – or can’t – want.

You may have gone through some rough times in your life, making it difficult to be the happy person you want to be. Maybe you even suffer from a lack of self-confidence because of past conflicts and pains.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, or what you’re going through right now. You can choose to overcome these obstacles AND ask for more out of life!

No matter what’s stopping you from believing in yourself, there’s a way to overcome it. You’ll first need to figure out what’s causing your self-doubt. Is it fear, insecurity, mental attitudes, or something else? Only then can you face the obstacle and overcome it.

Improve Self-Worth: Create Happiness

It’s obvious that you want to be happy. Who doesn’t? Even though this part is clear, are you actually choosing activities that make you happy? Like many people, you may not be doing a lot of the things that you enjoy. Beyond the limiting belief that you don’t have time, you probably believe that someone or something is more important to give to than yourself.

I think back to my ex-husband,  who never gave himself permission to do the things that he loved. He loved going for long bike rides, he loved going hunting or even just shooting, and he loved simple things like going to the gym for a hard workout. When he married me, he almost completely stopped doing any of these things.

This, of course, was confusing and sad to me. When I asked him why, he told me that he felt guilty. He didn’t BELIEVE that he deserved it. He had the mindset that he needed to work instead, because he had to support the family.

Sure, that’s a very real concern. But seriously? A person doesn’t have the time to go work out a few times a week? In the big scheme of things, what is that for time spent?

For me, if I went to work out three to four days a week, I would have spent a total of roughly five hours over the course of those days. All of that would include parking, changing, driving and the actual workout itself. This is just an example of how five hours a week could have made him create his own happiness, and yet, he refused.

What are you refusing to do that gets in your way of creating happiness?

Improve Self-Worth: Improve Confidence

Often people will not ask for what they want out of life because they don’t have the confidence to do it. If you want a raise or maybe a promotion at work and you never ask because your confidence is so low, you will never be any better off than you are today.

If you want a better relationship but don’t have the confidence to ask, then it’s obvious that you will have a mediocre relationship or end up being alone. Confidence plays a major role in relationships whether it is a romantic one or at work.

It took me many, many years to get the confidence that I needed to get where I am today. I simply didn’t believe in myself. Here’s a tip on how you can tap into your confidence.

Think about the 3 toughest things you’ve ever done in your life. You were successful in coming through those crises. By mentally exploring these events, you’ll learn about how you found your confidence in those instances. Now that’s knowledge you can use.

  • Whenever you lack confidence, reflect on those tough times and the strategies you utilized to get through them.
  • Feeling self-assured comes with knowing that you can make it through difficult times and emerge triumphant.

The bottom line about confidence and how to improve self-worth is improving your mindset!

Improve Self-Worth: Creating A Growth Mindset

When we think about what drives us, we realize that it is our emotions and our mind. Some of us are more logical than others while some of us are considered “reactors” because we do things  based off of emotions.

Regardless, using your mind to guide you in getting everything that you want is an obvious key. It is a daily event where I first and foremost practice improving my growth mindset. If you don’t understand that term, it basically means that it’s a “learned” skill. For example, a few hundred years ago, we believed that handicapped people couldn’t perform as well as others. Many handicapped people had to learn new skills and create new habits to perform as well as a non-handicapped person.

improve self worth, improve self esteem, low self esteem

Another example is a person who is earmarked as ADHD, or Dyslexic and performs as a successful business owner. These people had to learn how to gain specific skills to overcome and thrive in-spite of their handicap.

If you truly want to improve your self-worth, then you need to learn new skills.

Improve Self-Worth: Courage And Fear

So you don’t have the confidence you want to go out in the world and ask what you want and you know that you need to learn new skills to improve your mindset. If you are like I was, you’re either thinking that you simply don’t want to learn anything new or you are scared and simply don’t have the courage.

This what Fearless Pursuits was founded on. If you are like I was, then for whatever reason you want to drastically change your life. I know this only too well. In the beginning, I had so much fear when it came down to changing my life. I was worried how other people would feel and how they would react. Really, I didn’t want to hurt anyone, but I needed to change some relationships.

I needed to go out in the world to ask for what I wanted! I didn’t want to live my life in fear anymore. It was as if I woke up one day and felt as though I was wasting my life! I thought, “my life is half over and I have nothing to show for it”. I felt and still do feel that life is precious and it shouldn’t be squandered. You should live life out loud! Stop settling for mediocrity or living someone else’s life.

That was me. No more! You have one life, if you are working on your own personal development journey and are seeking success in your life then you need to realized right now that you could die tomorrow.

Now I know that’s a hard reality but we don’t know how our story ends but nothing is guaranteed. If this was your last day on this planet, did you love enough? Did you say thank you enough? Did you leave a legacy that you would be proud of?

Who knew that if you improve your self-worth that you could go out and live a fearless life? You can, now go out and do it!

It’s time to be your own Number 1 fan and there’s no better time to start than right now!

No matter what’s stopping you from believing in yourself, there’s a way to overcome it. You’ll first need to figure out what’s causing your self-doubt. Is it fear, insecurity, mental attitudes, or something else? Only then can you face the obstacle and overcome it.

“If you lived that average day, every day, for the next 5 years, what is the logical outcome?” So if you kept living your average day over and over, where is your life likely to end up? Now compare that logical conclusion with the life you’d like to have. How close are they?

improve self worth, improve self esteem, low self esteem

Do you believe that you’re likely to end up where you want to be financially? Are you currently taking consistent action to have the financial life you desire?

Will you be able to have the body that you want? Are you eating nutritiously and exercising regularly? Or are you waiting to start tomorrow, or Monday, or the first of the month, or the first of the year? Getting the body you want will take a certain number of days, so you might as well start today.

Are you likely to be enjoying the type of relationships you desire? If you want to meet your dream wife, how many new women have you spoken to in the last week? How many have you asked out?

Are you likely to be advancing in the career you seek? For example, based on your performance over the last year, do you think it’s probable that you’ll get that plant manager position anytime soon? Are you any closer to having that small business running profitably?

Make your life vision a priority. In order to live out the vision you’ve developed, you must keep your vision at the top of your priorities. When making decisions in the future, consider options that will support your life vision.