The Ultimate Guide to Finding an Online Business Coach

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Oprah Winfrey has been a household name for decades now, an inspiration to women and minorities everywhere. It would be a mistake, though, to forget her origins. If not for her mentor Maya Angelou, she might not be where she is today.

In the same vein, coaches for entrepreneurs are a must-have for every business owner that has major success. Whether a close confidant or a hired mentor coaching online, someone has advised them through tricky situations. So the big question is this: where can you find a service for coaching online that you can trust?

We are here to help. Read on for the ultimate guide to finding the best business coach in Denver, Colorado or other areas just for you.

Understand the Purpose of Coaching Online

It's easy to confuse the terms coach and consultant. We sometimes hear both used interchangeably. Make no mistake, these are two very different roles.

Let's discuss what sets apart online coaching from consulting business coaching services.

Coaching Online, Online Business Coach, Small Business Coach, Business Coach Denver, online coaching, finding a business coach, business coaching services, coaches for entrepreneurs, best business coach

What Is an Online Business Coach?

Think of a small business coach as a resource rather than a tool. When you contract their business coaching services, you are getting access to the following:

  • Useful feedback on your ideas--or, suggestions for new ones
  • Tools and templates to make your plans
  • Access to a network of resources/professionals for your industry or region
  • Helping you stay accountable to your goals

A business coach in Denver may offer classes and training sessions for groups of people. They teach you new things, help you spot valuable opportunities, and improve your strategies. You are Daniel, and they are Mr. Miyagi.

In other words, they aren't going to give you the answers. Nor are they therapists during your struggles as a new business owner. Rather, they build you up so that you are capable of making the right decisions for yourself.

What Is NOT an Online Business Coach?

Don't confuse online coaching for a business consultancy. Consultants are ad-hoc specialists that you hire to handle specific tasks beyond your remit. A business coach in Denver may provide those services as well, but they'll advertise it clearly.

Use this helpful analogy to tell whether you need a consultant or a coach: a coach gives you feedback on your plans, but they won't sketch one out in your name. They work with you, rather than for you.

Finding a Business Coach

A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of coaches for entrepreneurs on the first page alone. How do you weed out the best business coach from the ones that are so-so? An online business coach could just as easily be a crook as a boon to your business.

Prioritize Experience

First, find out what sort of experience your online business coach has. This means asking what industries are they familiar with, and what companies have they worked with. If you run an ice cream parlor, and they work with cryptocurrency, you may have a mismatch.

As your online business coach, I want to let you know that the free consultation is critical. You'll need to get a solid feel for their background through their testimonials and client history of business coaching services. Don't hesitate to ask them questions, either, before the online coaching. Establishing their business "pedigree" goes a long way to determining if they're a good fit.

Granted, they don't necessarily need to be a specialist in your field. Business acumen is a universal thing. Regardless of what service you provide or product you make, principles like supply and demand still apply.

Coaching Online, Online Business Coach, Small Business Coach, Business Coach Denver, online coaching, finding a business coach, business coaching services, coaches for entrepreneurs, best business coach

Determine if They Can Meet Your Needs

Most go to a small business coach when they are struggling with a specific problem--or subset of problems. For example, you may be unsure how to scale up your business. You want to go from a local mom-and-pop to a national chain, but are unsure how to proceed.

Find an online business coach who can help you solve your unique problems. In particular, look for proof that they have solved your species of problem in the past. Talk to previous clients and ask how well their small business coach in Denver did.

Make Sure They're Connected

Networking is everything in business. It's where people find the best job opportunities, the best deals, and the most trustworthy people. A friend of a friend of a friend is your best friend, business-wise.

Most importantly, you need business coaching services that connect you to your industry's professionals. Without those connections, it will be slow going to get where you need to go.

Take Note of Their Disposition

At the end of the day, an online business coach is a friend. If your daily catch-up call feels more like a boring formality, you've got a problem. There should be a sense of trust, and the ice shouldn't have to break every time you meet.

In other words, contract a small business coach that you get along with. Being comfortable isn't just so you can glide through your accountability calls. It's so you can trust them enough to be vulnerable to them with your problems.

Choose Someone Who's Available

The last thing you want is to feel like just another number on a spreadsheet during coaching online. Working with big coaching firms, and you get the sense that you are just a drop in the bucket. Just one person in a long line of hopeful entrepreneurs in search of guidance.

Choose either a business coach in Denver or an online business coach that makes you feel like you are their only customer. Someone who is available beyond your regular meetups when coaching online. If they can't give you the care that you need, it may be best to search elsewhere.

Think about Coaching Style 

Some people like the boot camp, tough love sort of counseling from an online business coach. Others prefer a compassionate touch, affirmation, and gentle constructive criticism. Neither method of coaching online is wrong.

Determine which style would motivate you best. Go with the small business coach that knows how to inspire you to be better. Avoid a business coach in Denver that leaves you down in the dumps.

Hire a Business Coach Today

Coaching online gives you direct access to a skilled professional no matter where you are. That said, don't just go with the first business coach in Denver on your Google search. Use the above tips when finding a business coach to make sure you have the right match.

Take the next step and find a coach whose bound to give you results. Contact me, Sharon Lee (a Certified Life & Business Coach) and set up an appointment today.

Are you ready for your FREE Discovery Call?

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