The Courage To Start Over With Heather Vickery

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Fearless Pursuits: Breakthrough To Success
Fearless Pursuits: Breakthrough To Success
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You want success in your life and business don't you? You're tired of struggling and you're ready for content that excites and educates you, motivates and inspires you. Sit back and listen as we bust through what is keeping you from playing BIGGER in your life and business with knowledge, strategies and empowerment so you can fearlessly pursue your your life depends on it!

We as entrepreneurs deal with a tremendous balancing act. We’re balancing our goals both personally and professionally as well as the day to day tasks and sometimes the drama of it all. We can get surprised by unexpected events and feel like the rug was just ripped out from underneath us.

After we catch our breath, we realize it’s time to refocus and get re-centered and be the successful entrepreneur we’re meant to be.

Sometimes we have to go through a lot and even fail before we can find the courage to dig deep within re-create ourselves. Sometimes… we have to just start over again.

What we have to do is disconnect so that  we can question EVERYTHING! In learning how to get yourself back on track, you need to devote focused energy to it. You need time away from the grind to think and to listen to your heart. You need concentration to reach back and rediscover the dreams that you once had.

When you feel lost, it can create a tremendous amount of anxiety and confusion so getting clear is the one thing that you need the most. By the way, if you are interested in getting more clear, you’ve gotta check out one of my most popular podcasts; Clarity On Steroids.

Being so caught up in your day to day roles only fuels the cycle of feeling lost. Take some time off to ask some questions that will help you rediscover who you are inside.

How could you challenge yourself to improve on the areas of life that feel the emptiest? Why would it be worth it for you to improve in this area?

Alright my fearlesspreneurs it’s time for another interview that will blow your mind. Now, I LOVE this beautiful soul. We’re like kindred spirits. We have been on the same path and think very much a like. That’s why I think you’re going to love this episode.

Let’s welcome Heather Vickery of to the show. She’s a success coach and has her own amazing podcast helping entrepreneurs be bold and courageos. In this interview,  you will hear a bit about her story of how she is making a huge impact in the world through her business. The thing is, it wasn’t always that so successful. Heather and I are going to dive deep into some of the challenges that she’s been met with and how she dealt with them. In the bullet proof series here in season 2 of the podcast, we realize entrepreneurship is full of ups and downs to that end, these interviews are a resource for you so you can learn from other seasoned and successful entrepreneurs are dealing with difficult times.

Alight, here we go!


I’m always happy to bring you information each week to fuel your entrepreneurial soul. Stop by next week for another great episode.

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