What To Do When Depressed And Stressed

What to do when depressed and stressed

Why am I so depressed and stressed? This question came from a client in a recent session and it's one that I hear a lot.

So I wanted to address what to do when depressed and stressed in this ultimate guide helping you to overcome depression, stress, and anxiety.

Are You Struggling With Depression, Anxiety, And Stress? Keep Reading So You'll Know What To Do To Eliminate These Sometimes Debilitating Emotions!

My client explained that he's been having trouble sleeping. He goes on further to explain that he was on vacation in the most lovely VRBO, one that had all the bells and whistles, including the soothing sounds of the beach. He couldn't sleep a wink and the next day, he woke up a mess!

He had feelings of panic all day especially as nightfall came because he worried about not being able to fall asleep again. 

Unfortunately, this was the start of insomnia that seemly got worse. He had anxiety at work, irritation with his family, which soon led to total exhaustion. He had physical issues that cropped up including feelings of sadness and wanting to cry to overeating, and thoughts of suicide.

He was told by friends that it could be hormones but he just felt as though he was slowly dying and was concerned that he'd never be the same again. 

Although he visited a doctor, nothing out of the ordinary came up but others suggested, that he might be depressed. He had so much going for him and discounted this thought immediately.

I remember our first session when he told me, "I think I'm going to become completely unglued, I feel like I'm losing my mind." He goes on... " I feel lost. I have big goals but don't know where to start. I've also been battling with drug use but feel like that is partly because I seem to be stagnant in life. I am looking for help to get me on the right path and start to thrive not just get by."

A lot has happened lately with the pandemic, all of the lockdowns, the prices of homes and food skyrocketing and now we're facing a war.

It's obvious that anyone might feel depressed and stressed.
how to overcome depression and stress

What’s the Difference Between Stress and Depression?

The feeling of being overwhelmed by stress is common anymore. This is the biggest complaint that I get from my clients while trying to reach their goals at work, in their personal lives, and while they're growing a business. 

I always tell my clients that stress can be good but only if it motivates them to reach their goals. Stress on its own when allowed to continue, will wear you down and cause burnout

This can cause you to think, "am I having a relapse of depression?" But you may be wondering, "what's the best way to fight depression without medication?"

In answering the question, what's the difference between stress and depression, we first need to understand that depression is definitely a bigger issue and can last a long time where stress needs a different kind of help. 

In both cases, these are both treatable conditions but typically not something that you can fix easily by yourself. Stress and depression can affect you in the same ways but the symptoms of depression can cause people to feel things deeper and more intense. Depression can make you feel hopeless and unable to do the normal activities of your life. 

These feelings can make you scared and anxious too, I've even had some pregnant clients ask, "can being stressed and crying affect pregnancy" or "can depression affect unborn baby" and the short answer is yes.

It's important for our health and our relationships to learn what to do when depressed and stressed.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Stress And Depression

You might be asking yourself, "how do I know if I'm depressed or stressed?" Great question and that's why I wanted to explain the signs of stress and depression so that you can distinguish for yourself then I want to break it down so you'll know what to do change things in your life and feel better in your body.

What are the common signs of stress and depression, What To Do When Depressed And Stressed

Why Am I So Depressed And Stressed?

Now that you're narrowing it down to what might be going on with you, the concern about this passing or you possibly sinking into something deeper and debilitating is in your awareness. 

Recognizing the symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety is the first part of healing and getting through it. What you must realize is that like having cancer or some other issue like diabetes can't go untreated. You need to make some changes. 

Fortunately, there are answers to learn what to do when you're depressed, full of anxiety or stressed.

Even though depression and anxiety have different signs or symptoms, they are related. You might be surprised to know that 85% of those with depression also experienced some level of anxiety. This happens when there's a malfunction in the brain chemistry.

What Can Cause Depression And Anxiety?

There is some research that states genetics is related to depression while that may have some truth in it, we know there are still solutions. 

Other reasons that cause depression can be abuse, a traumatic event, major life changes, a sudden illness, some personal problems, hormones, and even some medications that have been known to cause both anxiety and depression. It's one thing to know about your risk factors but it's more important to know you can be in control of drastically changing your life by taking specific actions to help eliminate anxiety so that you don't have a relapse of depression.

Can Depression Make Your Anxiety Worse?

Can depression make your anxiety worse

What To Do When Depressed And Stressed - Part I

When we're experiencing anxiety, we don't realize that we can make it worse. An ironic fact is, just knowing you're having anxiety can actually make it worse and more likely to experience anxiety attacks. 

Depression can feel like hopelessness that seems to close you into a painful box. As your online life coach, I want to explain how even simple, every day habits can actually be making your depression worse.

Just getting out of bed can be one of the biggest tasks of your day. It's a struggle that some people feel so distraught about and are at risk for suicide. 

When you’re depressed, just getting out of bed can be a monumental challenge. Depression is a terrible struggle and a serious medical condition that is linked to an increased risk of suicide.

What else can make your anxiety worse?

  • Alcohol - Alcohol can dull anxiety symptoms but it creates a dependency on one's ability to learn coping skills with depression, stress, AND anxiety so it's really best not to consume alcohol if you're feeling anxiety, especially if you're on some sort of anxiety medication.
  • Inactivity - Some people who experience depression realize it can last for several weeks and a "depressed mood" can make you lethargic and only interested in watching Netflix. This inactivity will make your anxiety and depression worse.
  • Poor Sleep - When you're not sleeping well, it can put you on a path to insomnia and a cycle difficult to fix so be mindful of getting quality rest. 
  • Social Isolation - Recent research highlights that those with depression and anxiety tend to turn inward. They feel awkward and embarrassed and think about hiding but this is the worse thing that they can do. Getting support even if it's through a therapist or a certified life coach, is exactly what you need right now.

How Can You Overcome Depression And Anxiety

If you're struggling, I don't have to tell you that anxiety and depression can take your life into a tailspin if not properly addressed. There are changes that you can make in your life that can help you to not just get through your day but actually thrive and help you to overcome depression, stress, and anxiety.

Motivation and a strong will aren't enough to help you to overcome depression and anxiety even if you're depressed and stressed at work, depressed and stressed while pregnant, or dealing with the fall out of COVID-19 social distancing, isolation, and lockdowns which make it even harder to cope with symptoms of depression.  There's so much more you'll need to do.

Here are some strategies which will give you some protection to keep you mentally and emotionally healthy and to overcome depression naturally.

If you're wondering what to do when depressed and stressed, then check out the Depression Destroyer treatment plan to work for you.

What To Do When Depressed And Stressed - Part II


Have A Support Network

Put only people you can trust in your corner, whether it’s a trustworthy friend, a therapist, or a life coach, you'll want people around you who can listen to both your highs and your lows. Having strong connections and resources will give your mood and self-esteem a boost and make you feel invincible. 


Treat and Heal Trauma

A trauma-related crisis due to the loss of a family or friend or even divorce can cause us to feel depressed or stressed and it's time to work with a professional to heal so you can stop holding in the secret burden that's causing you to spiral into emotional pain before it emerges as a full-blown depression or anxiety disorder.


Meditation For Depression

Meditation on its own won't cure your depression or anxiety but if you want to overcome it naturally, then understand that it'll help to manage your negative thinking patterns. New research is showing that practicing meditation regularly, can actually lower depression relapse. Meditation is free to try and you'll be shocked at how relaxed it'll make feel as you continue to practice it throughout the week.


Exercise For Depression, Stress And Anxiety

When you're sitting idle on your sofa binge-watching shows on Netflix, you're feeding into the negativity of depression, stress, and anxiety. Getting physical activity is what the doctor ordered. It's benefits can improve more than your mood and your self-esteem. It's also been known to reduce stress and help you to sleep better and have more energy.

I am feeling anxious, stressed and depressed

Stress, anxiety and depression are emotions that can over take you and if not addressed, can take your life in a downturn that may be difficult to get out of.

Let's discuss coping strategies to help you feel better.

In life, we're no doubt at some point going to be presented with a situation that can cause us to feel depressed. Every situation will have a direct impact on our ability to manage everyday life all because of our thoughts and emotions about it. 

What you can do is to keep track of your mood and when you are feeling lost or feeling low, you'll know it's time to get support. 

Having someone to talk to when you recognize that you're struggling with stress, anxiety or depression can really help you immensely. 

You can watch for these tail-tell signs below:

  • Challenges with panic attacks
  • Struggling with relaxing
  • Feeling tired and being irritable
  • Worrying a lot for no reason
  • Dealing with headaches, even rapid heartbeat
  • Challenges with your sleep pattern
  • Eating too much or too little
  • Memory loss or difficulty in making decisions
  • Trouble remembering, making decisions or concentrating

Depressed And Stressed Quotes

All of this comes because of a thought disorder deriving from situations, events, things people say to us, and our thoughts about these things create our feelings. We can feel alone and feel as though something is wrong with us. Here are some depressed and stressed quotes that you may be of some support to you.

“Do not be numb. If you wish to heal your wounds; first learn to feel where they are.” – A. Daniel

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.” – Paulo Coelho

“Make peace with your broken pieces.” – r.h. Sin

“Don’t believe every worried thought you have. Worried thoughts are notoriously inaccurate.” – Renee Jain

When you need to know what to do when depressed and stressed, here's a quick reference guide to begin taking action from.

  • Get Support
  • Deep Inner Work
  • Move That Body
  • Get Quality Sleep
  • Get Engaged In Life
  • Implement Stress Releasors
  • Begin An Anti-Depression Diet
  • Boost Your Serotonin Levels

Have you ever gone through depression or anxiety? What have you done to eliminate stress which could help others? Leave your comment below, we'd love to keep the conversation going.

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  1. nobody can deny this truth. We are all surrounded by blessings and reasons to be grateful, but few of us realize this. Many people have a habit of skipping gratitude in their obsessive rush to the next thing. The question is, do you really understand what it means to have gratitude, how to express it and how it can positively impact your life?

    • Thanks so much for your comment and the great question. When many people are depressed and stressed, they’re likely not feeling into gratitude. Even as powerful of a concept, they just don’t truly understand or how to express it. It’s one thing to share the concept but truthfully, it’s their mind blocking them from practicing it. Most people feeling depressed, anxious or stressed are only thinking of their problems. There’s a multi-step process that needs to take place to unburden ourselves and gratitude is only a portion of it. All the best!

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