Goal Setting Tips For Entrepreneurs – Effective Goal-Setting Step-by-Step

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As entrepreneurs, we need goal setting tips if we’re truly going to reach the level of success that we want in our lives and of course in our businesses.

Most of us entrepreneurs have a vague idea of what we’d actually like to accomplish. Sure, we definitely know we want success. We also know that we want freedom and LOTS of money but let’s be brutally honest for a minute. Do you have CONCRETE goals.

Think of your goal as a target. You see the target and there’s lots of places your dart could hit. Maybe way off to the side or smack-dab in the center.


Isn’t that what you’d REALLY prefer? Without setting CONCRETE goals, you’re just drifting along hoping for things to improve.

These goal setting tips for entrepreneurs are very specific and will guide you if you truly care about hitting your goals right on target.

Goal setting tips ANY entrepreneur can do – EASILY!

With a goal, you have a definite direction and purpose. Without it, you’re running your business blindly. Intellectually, you know this but it’s hard sometimes to really grasp the importance of goal-setting the “right” way.

Even though we’ve been told for years over and over just how critical goal setting is for us in our personal lives as well as being an entrepreneur, the truth is, few of us have ever been given specific directions on how to specifically do this goal setting process.

Well, let’s put an end to this. Here are the step-by-step goal setting tips for entrepreneurs.

  1. Write. There’s tremendous power in the subconscious mind when you use all of your learning skills. We have many different learning styles such as: tactile, audio, visual, social and verbal. It’s important to understand that if we are truly going to achieve our goals, then we need to incorporate as many of these as possible. One key strategy is to write your goals down. Not just once then put them away. You need to write your goals down DAILY!
  2. Specific. Attracting clients online isn’t specific. Acquiring 3 new clients from Facebook groups IS specific.  
    >>Be as specific as you need to be, but not more. If your goal is to meet the man of your dreams, does he really have to be over 6 feet tall and have a dimple in his chin? It’s important to have a clear target, but too much specificity limits your options. Stick to the important characteristics.
  3. Time-bound. Without a timeline, you might find yourself waiting for a long time because you’ll be unlikely to ever get started. Having an endpoint date creates focus and urgency.
    >>An effective endpoint date is no more than 12 weeks into the future. If your goal will take longer than that, break it into smaller goals. Anything beyond 12 weeks will cause your focus to wane. It’s far too easy to procrastinate with goals set too far in the future.
  4. Possible. If you don’t believe you can achieve your goal, you won’t pursue it. What would be the point? Start with a goal small enough that you believe it can be done within the timeframe you’ve set.
    >>Do you have the necessary resources and time to reach your goal before the deadline?
  5. Measurable. If you can’t measure it, how will you know if you’ve achieved it?
    How will you know if you’re making progress? Goals that deal with money or bodyweight, for example, are easy to quantify. A goal to take a trip to Hawaii is also easy to measure, because you either did it or you didn’t.
    >>Goals that deal with less quantifiable characteristics, such as money, can be a little more challenging. You might have to develop your own measuring scale. Ensure your goal can be measured before you get started.
  6. Reviewed regularly. One of the most effective ways to prioritize your goals is to review them at least daily. As I mentioned in step one, you’ll need to write them down in order for you to review them. With so many thoughts and ideas flying around in your head, a daily review of your goals will help them to rise above the noise. Take a few minutes each day to review your goals at least once. This is how you’ll get your subconscious mind working for you and helping you to achieve your goals.
    >>Take enough time to re-write, read, and visualize your goals.

After you’ve created your goal, make a list of actions that will lead to attaining your goal. Add THREE of these tasks to each day on your weekly calendar. This will get you closer to actually hitting your target. You can just imagine the impact of goal setting on entrepreneur success when you take this step.

Too many of us spend too much time in our head to be successful. Things only change when new actions are taking place. Start at the end and work your way back to
the present. What step could you take today toward reaching your goal? Many people completely underestimate the importance of goal setting for entrepreneurs but I can tell you that this is partly why many businesses don’t succeed. 

This is what I have found while working with entrepreneurs all over the world. I ask them to show me their goals and they can’t produce them. They’re very vague.

When you’ve completed all of the steps, all of your goals will become a reality! Goals are the key to consistent RESULTS in your life AND your business.

Ask your successful and unsuccessful friends about their goals compared to their results in life. Just notice… those with goals regularly outperform those without. There’s been lots of studies about this topic if you don’t believe me.

If you don’t have any goals, hurry up and make a few! If your life or business isn’t fulfilling, a few goals can make the difference.

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    Very detailed and motivating post!

    I agree that we have to set up goals whether we are talking about life or career. My understanding about goals that they are pillars of our dreams. Therefore, we have to “put on the map” our goals to highlight the way to our dreams and act to reach them.

    Thank you for the idea.

    • Hey Patak, Thanks so much for your message and you’re right on track with goals stemming from our dreams. Our biggest problem for sure is that we don’t dream big ENOUGH! Big goals = Big dreams.

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