How to Manifest Anything Using a Vision Board

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You’ve likely heard of a vision board before, and with good reason. It happens to be one of the most commonly used law of attraction techniques. Like many others already have, I highly recommend it as a first step to learning how to manifest anything.

How to Manifest Anything: Why Vision Boards Work

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This technique is loved for many reasons. They’re easy and can be fun to create. They can be cheap, too, depending on how elaborate – or not so elaborate – you’d like it to be.

Why does the vision board work? The objective is to help you see your dreams on a regular basis. By having it in front of you more often, you’re likely to think about your desire for it more often, too.

You need to do more than simply admire and want it a few times a day, however. You need to feel as if you already have it. The vision board can help you see it, but it’s up to you to feel like it’s truly yours!

On its own, the vision board only fulfills the need for the visual aspect of using the law of attraction. Other senses need to be activated before you can see any effect.

Consistency is key. So, you’ve thought about what you want. You meditated on it, you closed your eyes, and you felt it. But what happens after that? Do you just let go of the thought, and continue on with the hustle of the day?

It should be no surprise that your results will reflect that, too; after all, we see examples of this all the time in the workplace. Nothing great has ever come from willy-nilly and wishy-washy effort.

Make the vision board a part of your daily routine. Two of the easiest times of the day to fit this in is just as soon as you wake up, and right before you go to bed.

Because starting anything new is easier with a transition instead of jumping in head-first, I highly recommend starting with just these two times, and then gradually increasing it.

By seeing it often, and meditating on it often, you invest more time, energy, and intention to bring it to you. Meditation goes hand-in-hand with the vision board, and I’ll explain how below.

How to Manifest Anything: Using Meditation to Enhance Your Results

I’m sure that you have that one hippie friend that swears by it. Plenty of Buzzfeed and LifeHack articles tell you that you need it. I can assure you – meditating is not just for the hippies, and the average Joe can benefit, too.

In addition to the many health benefits of meditation, it can be used as a powerful tool for manifestation. Paired with your vision board on a regular basis, it’s even better. Involving as many senses into your law attraction techniques are one of the best ways to make it more effective, and easier to visualize (because not all of us have a creative imagination!)

Meditation has often been described as sitting in silence, and completely clearing your mind. The idea of it is to achieve a state of total relaxation, all for the sake of de-stressing. However, this is definitely not the only way to use it!

Clearing the mind completely is a lot of pressure to place on ourselves. It’s not a realistic expectation to have for people who are leading such busy lives.

The average person is constantly thinking about which task to do next, and forcing ourselves not to think about any of these obligations is bordering on the impossible for many people.

A much more effective way to use that time is to deliberately focus on gratitude, and bringing your desires to you. Focus on one thought is much easier to achieve than clearing the mind completely. In my own opinion, it’s far more productive, too.

By concentrating on a desire and visualizing it, it’s easier to give more emotion to it. As I’ve explained in this article, giving an emotion to your desires is an important part of bringing it to you.

How to Manifest Anything: Your Law of Attraction Routine

Create a loose plan for what you will do every day to attract abundance, beginning with gratitude first and foremost. If what you think about you bring about is true, then concentrated joy and gratitude for these possibilities coming to you will breed more joy and gratitude!

When I wake up, it takes me a few moments before I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. In those groggy, half-asleep moments, the easiest thing for me to do to begin my day on a positive vibration is to name everything I am grateful for. I recommend starting with the little things, expanding outward.

First, I’m always grateful for being alive another day. I’m grateful for my health, my family, my friends, and waking up to the lovely sound of birds singing outside. The extent of my gratitude grows beyond my home to my neighborhood, my town, my state, and then the world.

Then, as you rise to your feet, add to and reflect on your vision board. If you have the opportunity just then to be alone and relaxed, visualize your dreams and place yourself in the shoes of the ‘you’ that already has it. This is an important step, so if you can’t do it right away, you will need to find the time later.

Meditate on the feeling of your future self. If it’s your dream career, imagine socializing with coworkers about a project. Imagine handing in your resignation to your current boss with confidence, and butterflies in your stomach for the new job you want. Imagine getting into your car and being excited to go to work for once!

If it’s your dream car, imagine reclining into the sleek, cushioned seats. See the dashboard in your head. Admire the fine craftsmanship, and inhale the “new car smell”. You can enhance your experience by planning a date to go to a dealership and test-drive one, so you can fall in love with it on a whole new level.

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