Mega-Powerful Online Visibility Tips: Stop Learning.

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On the lookout for online visibility tips that will boost sales and get coaching clients? Look no further. I have something special to share with you.

Hey, boss lady.

I’ve called you my ‘fearless reader’ before but let’s be honest: none of us are 100% fearless. Today, I’m going to talk about that little bit of fear you might not even realize you have.

Do you ever want to cry out in frustration, “WHEN is this business finally going to work?”

  • You’ve invested SO much money and time into learning what you need to know.
  • Without fail, you’ve only ever given your peeps MORE than you’ve asked for.
  • You’ve absolutely POURED yourself into the value that you put out, always making sure that it’s top-notch.

So, where is the progress? What’s missing?

If your knee-jerk reaction is to think, “I need to know more”, I’m here to tell you that more knowledge is NOT always the answer. As a matter of fact, it’s often not.

To break your cycle of struggle, I’m asking you to do something that sounds totally wrong. Something that goes against instinct. Something that is SO super simple yet isn’t easy.

I want you to QUIT learning. It’s time to quit consuming and begin creating.

All of us are plagued with this mindset of always needing to “learn more” and “consume more”.

You’ve been told before, “it didn’t work because you just haven’t taken MY course before. Once you take MINE, your life and/or business will change”.

We’re always afraid we don’t know enough. Everyone

I call BS. The problem these days is NOT that you haven’t learned enough, it’s that you most likely are learning, learning, and learning some more – but you’re not applying.

“But I have been!”

Consistently? Sticking to a strategy long enough to see it work? WITHOUT looking at the fear of who’s gonna care, if anyone will like it, who you’ll scare off by selling to them, if you can be taken seriously, and so on? Hmmm… I’m a skeptic.

Showing up shamelessly, unapologetically, FULLY and consistently is not easy for most people. If you can say that you HAVE done this and still aren’t getting anywhere, a new strategy and new knowledge may just be what you need.

Have you downloaded this and that, worked through course after course, read e-book after e-book and you STILL haven’t created that special signature coaching program?

Still haven’t written your own book. Haven’t e-mailed a promo to your list. Haven’t planned a webinar.

When will you? When you’re “ready”? Nobody’s ever ready for the things that make them grow. It’s time now to stop learning – I dare you to ACT instead.

Imperfectly, even. If it gives value and can change lives, is it really so imperfect? Do you really need to learn anything else about doing the thing right?

My advice for you is to take some time off from CONSUMING more. Put down the book. Shut the computer. Take a break from that class you started.

I know this seems strange coming from a coach who sells more consumables… but as much as I want to give you more to learn when you need it, I care even more to see you take what you already know, and go out there and begin DOING.

Do the thing. You may not know enough to quiet that little inner voice that says you don’t – and trust me, you never will – but you know enough to ACT.

Did you see yourself in this post? How confident are you in your knowledge and your ability to implement it? If not, what would it take to get there and how would it change your life if you DID get to that place?

Comment below and share with us. If you’re interested in getting some support on your journey to being more courageous, confident and powerfully visible, contact me for a free 60-minute Marketing Makeover call.

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