10 Powerful Daily Rituals That Are Critical for Success

daily rituals for success

Daily rituals for success exist so that we can make success into our lifestyle, instead of just a destination. You CAN make success into your set-point and put it on autopilot.

In this article, I’ll show you my top 10 favorite daily rituals that I use to stay vibrant and passionate as often as possible!

In our world where we’re thrust into challenges left and right, we need to have the tools to keep our spirits high. It’s not just our spirits, but our mind as well needs to focus on whats important in order to keep our mood in a positive place.

We can’t be successful in any area of our life if we don’t have a practice of working on our mind and creating good habits on a daily basis.

Sadly though, most people don’t invest in themselves to improve their life. It is common to simply complain and wish things were different. That isn’t going to create any sort of success and it certainly won’t keep a person in a good mood when all they do is complain about how bad things are.

Your daily rituals ultimately determine the quality of your life. I recently wrote about morning rituals which I believe are at the root of how your day begins. You can read it here in case you missed it. —> Create A Better Morning Routine: 7 Things To Trydaily rituals for success, daily rituals for happiness

Happy and successful people do different things each day than the average person. And they do those things consistently. It’s the consistency that not only creates the habits but it is what opens the door to success in any area of your life!

This is great news! A few small changes can drastically change your life, but patience is required. Instead of focusing on big changes, consider making a few minor adjustments.

The odds of successfully making a change are much higher when that change is small. Let’s face it, you can’t expect to have a smooth transition when you change everything all at once.

I’ve done this, and it wasn’t easy! I sold nearly everything that I owned, packed up my kids and move to a new state. From the ground up, I was starting over!

So, let’s get into it!

My Top 10 Daily Rituals for Success

1. Make yourself a priority.
We’re so often guilty of not placing ourselves high on our list of priorities because we just have SO many! Beyond that, many of us are taught to think about other people first.

This is a noble sentiment, and a great way to live your life. However, it’s easy to burn out when you don’t give your emotional and physical health the importance it deserves too. Don’t feel like you’re worth it? I’ve been there!


2. The best time to figure out tomorrow’s mission is tonight.
Your mission is your day-to-day obligations, and what you hope to accomplish before the day ends. If you don’t have an objective for the day, you’re much less likely to make the most of it. It feels good to wake up with a mission. Before you go to sleep tonight, decide and plan out tomorrow’s mission for the day.

When you’re creating your daily rituals for success, it’s important to know the difference between mission and purpose.

daily rituals for success, daily rituals for happiness

3. Be kind in your self-talk.
All of us have a harsh inner critic that comes out now and then, especially when we’ve made a mistake. Learn to be careful of what follows these two words: ‘I am’. You are NOT your mistake. Your struggle is not your identity. It’s a phase – not a part of you.

You’re not a sorry person. Save “I am sorry” for when it matters most, and replace an apology with a “thank you” wherever you can. If you’re running late, you can say “Thank you for waiting. I appreciate your patience.” instead. Both you AND the other person will enjoy your interactions more if you begin with gratitude instead of self-deprecation.

4. Get enough sleep. Studies done by The Sleep Foundation have consistently shown that the average adult, from 25 years old and up, should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep. Here’s another article which goes into great detail on how much sleep we really need. Adolescents need 8 to 10. Research shows that everyone performs better on mental and physical tasks after getting enough sleep.

Many great daily rituals for success tomorrow should start tonight. Sleep is no exception.

Trouble falling asleep? Good habits to look into are taking Magnesium before bed, as well as downloading a blue light filter for your tablet or smartphone as you settle into bed.

daily rituals for success, daily rituals for happiness

Our body’s internal clock and circadian rhythm is maintained by the “suprachiasmatic nucleus”, and its function relies on magnesium in the body. Society’s recently acquired habit of reading or watching videos before we go to sleep is also disruptive of our circadian rhythm, according to a study done by Harvard University.

5. A few minutes of meditation each day can provide significant results.
Meditation is more than sitting in a buddhist monk pose and clearing your mind. In fact, completely clearing your mind is not only very difficult to do, but it’s also not the best way to use that time.

To meditate, the only thing you should be clearing your mind of is needless stimulation and distraction. Think of an affirmation, everything you’re grateful for, or your intention for the day, and sit quietly with it. Use this silence to think about what you can do to live consciously today with your intention in mind.

6. Spend quality time with those you love.
Happy, healthy relationships are an important component of feeling good. When our relationships are thriving, we feel a sense of contribution.

Ask yourself this: If I treated all of my relationships the exact same way that I did today, how will they change in 5 years? Is it more likely that we’ll grow together and become closer, or will we slowly drift apart?

Daily rituals for success should always include your intention for your relationships. The legacy your life ends with is the love that you leave behind in your work, and in the hearts of your loved ones. 

Winding down and decompressing is a common need in our busy society, especially at night. Think of ways that you can involve your loved ones in the activities that you do to wind down.

If you like to watch TV after coming home from work, invite them to watch a movie with you more often. If you love to read, read together with your children before bedtime.

7. Try something new today.
We as human beings need variety and excitement to feel fulfilled, even if comfort and safety is one of our highest values. Adding variety to a life that we’ve designed to be full of obligation and routine doesn’t have to be challenging if you think outside the box.

Some simple ideas to try:
– Leave earlier for work and take a different route; maybe you’ll find out by accident that you prefer it.
– On your commute or while on a walk, listen to audiobooks from genres you don’t normally choose.
– For your morning cup of coffee, try the coffee shop a few miles further.
– Look up “simple recipe” for food that’s an ethnicity you don’t normally eat, and give it a try.

8. Practice starting your day with gratitude.
It’s so easy to get lost in what you don’t like, and to place things worth being grateful for in the very back of your mind. This can just as easily become a habit when times are challenging and you’re consumed by just trying to get through the day.

daily rituals for success, daily rituals for happiness

My favorite habit to start the day on a high vibration is to think of at least 5 things I’m grateful for during the first few minutes that my eyes are open. Try it!

9. Use time effectively.
It’s one thing to stay busy, but are you actually staying productive? Do days fly past, and you wonder where all your time has gone? Productivity is a huge factor in our happiness, because we won’t feel fulfilled in ourselves if we don’t feel like we’re accomplishing our goals. I discuss productivity habits and tools in more detail here!

10. Exercise each day.
According to the Mayo Clinic, the average adult should do moderate aerobic exercise for at least 150 minutes per week, or strenuous aerobic activity for at least 75 minutes per week.

Daily rituals for success are not just limited to the mental work. Physical exercise plays a significant role in your overall happiness.

If you’re struggling to fit in the time for yourself, split it up into several parts throughout the day, and strategically plan where you can put it. Is your workplace is within walking distance? Take advantage of that as often as possible. If not, take a bus and ask for it to stop further away than usual.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. If you’re truly committed, there’s no time to be created – there’s only time to be used carefully.

It can be that easy to feel better! Enhance your daily rituals, and you’ll enhance your mood – and, with time, your whole life!

Small changes can bring big results over time. Remember this: Your values determine your priorities, your priorities determine your habits, and your habits dictate your success. You can’t succeed unless you’re 300% committed to your values!

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