Dramatically Change Your Life – 6 Ways To Improve Your Life

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Dramatically change your life with these six powerful strategies! Sounds like a tall order, right? Well are you in? I want you to stop existing and REALLY start living. Dramatically changing your life will be incredibly empowering. I’ve been able to do it so I know you can too!

You feel ready to start over, or make a BIG change. You’re here because you want to create a new sense of freedom, joy and passion! You’re sick and tired on a situation and ready to dramatically change your life!

So, you’ve finally had it. You’re tired of settling for mediocre. You’ve gotten sick of living a life that doesn’t align with what you crave deep within you. You want to live with more meaning and purpose than just day-to-day survival.

Congratulations, I’m so glad that you’ve arrived here. Even if you’re at rock bottom, your desire to change is a great start. Your DECISION to change at all costs, and a few strategies to get moving is all you need to make it happen – no matter where you are in life!

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life!

I’ve been there. Actually, more than a few times! It almost seems as though I have lived at least four lives by now.

First, when I was a child, I was being brought up in destitution. Not only that, but I suffered in both physical and emotional abuse from my own family. I began to feel feverish to not only escape, but to create something better out of my life.

Surely there was more to life than suffering and fighting to survive. There must be more to life than this, I thought.

Be Bold And Confident!

It took risking a warm place to live, and a roof over my head, only to become homeless. Just to do something – ANYTHING – to dramatically change my own life. If I were to make a life worth living and eventually loving, there was no way it would happen under that same roof.

I am NOT suggesting this to you! It brings up the question… How bad do you want it? I wanted to dramatically change my life at all costs, what about you?

This is a pretty extreme case, and one that you may or may not be able to relate to… but regardless, the message here is that you have to be ready to DO something different  in order to HAVE anything different. When you want to dramatically change your life in some way, it’s important to understand that it will be uncomfortable.

What’s going on in your life that creates your own desire to dramatically change your life?

 change your beliefs change your life, eliminate negative beliefs, be bold and confident, Dramatically change your life, drastically change your life, change your life, change my lifeWe all secretly yearn for a better quality of life but we get caught up in our minds, worries and the day-to-day grind and end up staying stuck. You want a new beginning don’t you? A chance to start over. I hear you loud and clear!

We need to take a stand and create boundaries and speak up for ourselves. We need to stop all of the people-pleasing and let go of false friendships that don’t serve us. It’s time to create passion for life! Stop settling for mediocrity and a boring life and begin a new, more exhilarating life.

You don’t have to stay stuck in a life that doesn’t make you feel happy. If you truly want to find happiness, you need to do some inner work to CREATE your own happiness! Where to even start, is the biggest problem for some people. I get that and this is where it is critical to know your mission in life and your core values so you can set the goals necessary to dramatically change your life into a new one that creates passion.

If your are going to drastically change your life, be ready for risk too. Some people in your life may not appreciate the direction that you are going in.

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Here are six ways that dramatically changed my life!

  • Improve Overall Health – If you’ve been following me at all then you know that I have been a bit of a health nut for years. Even still, I had to get out of my comfort zone to dig even deeper inside of myself to get real. That’s a tough reality isn’t it? I’m still working on it daily but if you REALLY want to drastically change your life then you can do that practically INSTANTANEOUS with creating a healthy lifestyle! Try a cleanse because it will trigger a clarity in your mind that you have never before experienced. Definitely see a doctor to determine if it’s safe for you. Green cleanse drinks are generally very safe with tremendous benefits.

  • Go Vegan – When I was competing in the bodybuilding world, getting enormous amounts of protein and going in and out of Ketosis was a way of life for me and every other physique competitor that I knew. It was to the point for many, unhealthy. Being a deep-diver, I was concerned about all of the news about clogged arteries, undigested meat in my colon, as well as cruelty issues and ecological concerns that have come out over the years. I covered my eyes and ears but with my new beginning that I was so desperately seeking, I dove in deeper to cleaning up my health and went Vegan. I’m glad that I did! Honestly, I am in the best health that I have EVER been in my entire life!

  • Change Your Relationships – I can think back about the diverse relationships that I have had over the many decades and realize that they didn’t all resonate with who I am to my core. If you haven’t done your core value exercise then you may not really understand what I’m talking about. Simply put however, you should take a look how abundant your relationships are. Honestly, it’s hard to face especially when it’s a very close relationship. I ended up facing the reality that my own husband didn’t resonate with me and didn’t have my best interests at heart. This was a difficult reality. I was in denial for decades to be honest. In order to truly keep to my own personal integrity, I need to be willing to make this difficult change. Are you willing to put your personal integrity above all else? Being real with your relationships will dramatically change your life in some BIG ways.

 change your beliefs change your life, eliminate negative beliefs, be bold and confident, Dramatically change your life, drastically change your life, change your life, change my life

  • Move To A New Location – When you are looking for a new beginning  in life or a way to change your life, moving to a new location will mix things up.   Relocating to a completely different city, state or even Country will create new experiences that you never imagined before. This wasn’t easy, I’m not going to lie. Packing up the kids and all of my belongings to move to a different state was quite an ordeal. Parts of it where exciting but much of it was stressful. It’s all in how you look at it though. It was an adventure and I’m glad that I did it. I won’t stay here and have yet another intrastate move ahead but with my traveling experience, I know I will be better for having the done it!

  • Start A New Business – It seems as though most of my adult life I have been an entrepreneur. My ex-husband and I always owned businesses. It was natural for me once I became divorced to explore my options. While I discovered that my skin spa was not in alignment with my values, I am glad that I did it. I met so many amazing people and learned a lot about myself. After selling the skin spa and FINALLY doing my core values exercise, I discovered my mission. It was so incredible! It was if a door had suddenly opened for me. Coaching others was something that I had been doing my whole life but not getting paid for it. I didn’t have the courage and self-worth at the time to ask to get paid for my skill and expertise. Being free after selling the skin spa, it was a no-brainer to go all in! What about you? Have you ever thought about making money off a skill that you have?

  • Discover Core Values – What the heck is that? I sure didn’t know it was a real thing a few years ago and it seemed like such an unnecessary, sort of fluffy thing to even consider. Clearly, I was not of an elevated mind. Through much reading as well as my coaching training through the Tony Robbins Coaching Program, I soon learned that discovering our core values is nothing short of CRITICAL! One you go through the exercise, there is no turning back. You begin to realize that if you are living a life that goes AGAINST your values, then no matter what goal you set and achieve; you won’t be happy.

Are you willing to listen to your heart and dramatically change your life in a way that will create an abundant future? Being authentic can be somewhat painful, I know because I’ve been there but it’s a risk you have to take if you are willing to truly love yourself!

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