Grow Your Business Online: How to Sell Yourself to a Client

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If you want to grow your coaching or consulting business online, you’ll first need to learn how to sell yourself to a prospect or future client.

Not to sound like a lady of the night, but you need to convince potential clients that your services, and your services alone, will best serve them. That’s the honest truth and in marketing, that’ll always be that way.

As entrepreneurs or whatever you call yourself: a coach or consultant, you need to understand that in order to “convince” someone to buy into YOU, you’ll have to buy into YOURSELF… FIRST.

Grow Your Coaching Business Online: Enroll Yourself

I used to sell water softener products. It seems like a lifetime ago but I still remember going out on sales calls to prospective client’s homes. I was one of the top sales reps in my office and to be honest, that was pretty exciting. Seeing my name on the leader board really got me pumped up and just made me feel invincible, like I could sell anything. 

You should know though, it definitely wasn’t always that way. I was absolutely NOT the most successful sales person in that company. When I first started with that company, my manager told me there’s a secret to selling. At the time I was 22 years old and eager to make some serious money because I sure didn’t want to continue buying my underwear at the neighborhood thrift store.. Needless to say, my manager had my full attention. 

This is what he told me…

“My biggest secret to selling is, I use the products.” What?! Wait, that was his secret? It seems so simple and to be honest, I really didn’t understand how this could make more sales. Nonetheless, I just kept listening. He went on and on about the relationship between the products and the sales person’s BELIEF.

So you know what I did? I bought one for myself. Keep in mind, I didn’t have a lot of money to begin with so we made a deal where I could buy it on layaway and use it now.

What a deal! I was really excited to see what all the hoopla was about.

It didn’t take very long at all to discover how amazing these products were and I became hooked! I absolutely I loved the products.

We had personal water systems too and I learned all about the health benefits which made it incredibly easy to share the benefits as well as my own experiences.

You see, I got myself excited about the products which made me eager from a standpoint that everyone needed these products instead of the needy energy of, “I need to make rent on time this month”.

Today as I’m talking to hundreds of prospects, in nearly every Breakthrough call that I do with prospective clients, I’m told that selling feels complicated and sleazy, sometimes even rude and intrusive.

But when you learn to promote and sell from a different energy, you’ll have a completely different experience. 

This truth is the same in the online space. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling in person, social media or even in a webinar, your energy and belief you have about the process, your product/service, and yourself will help you grow your business online and rise above the competition.

Grow Your Business Online: Learn How To Promote And Sell

Growing your business online means you’ll have to create a mindset about marketing and selling. Let’s be honest, do you hate selling? Are you sort of indifferent about your product or service?

Here’s what I teach my clients about selling. Selling is simply inspiring someone into action that they’re already interested in taking.

Selling yourself and your products isn’t some complex skill that takes years to learn. You just have to know HOW to inspire people. Even inspiring just ONE person is enough to grow your business albeit, slowly but it gives you the confidence that you need to keep going.

You might be asking, “how do you inspire someone into action?” It’s simple and it starts with you. You have to BE inspired.  You absolutely MUST enroll yourself in the product, service and especially yourself first BEFORE you can get out there and start marketing your business online. 

Thinking back, when I was having my best weeks selling, I was INSPIRED. I was excited to share what I was selling. Let me tell you this, it’s no different online. If you want to want to sell yourself and your services online, you need to really change what you’re thinking and feeling about sales.

There’s a part about running a business and promoting yourself online that no one seems to talk about. I don’t know if you’ve ever experience this, but for me, I used to get burnt out.

Back then, I didn’t coach myself. I didn’t even know what coaching was. I didn’t have the Model (what I teach in the Sales & Confidence Mastery). I was amazing at sales but selling without inspiration and connection to what I was selling, was like driving on an empty tank.

No matter what I did, nothing worked. I just could not make any money and let me tell you, I got pretty down on myself and started thinking that something was drastically was wrong. 

I had judgements about my customers. I had resistance to my boss and coworkers at times. I had very negative feelings towards the company too. Feeling like I needed more time off was a daily thought but mostly, I thought I wasn’t making enough money even though I was the top sales person.

The truth is, I had lots of THOUGHTS and they sure weren’t helping me succeed.

These thoughts were endless and not surprising, they sabotaged my experiences and my results

Little things would go wrong and they would start to pile up on top of each other in my mind until I would be crying in my car in the parking lot.

As coaches, consultants & entrepreneurs growing our businesses online, we experience this too. We get engrossed in helping others, and forget to help ourselves.

We let one “NO” in a sales conversation go uncoached, and then another, and then another. Then we’re doubting the sales process, ourselves and sometimes just feel like giving up all together. 

We struggle with a client, and then our own results. We get busy with life. We are HUMAN. We just check out. Go on auto pilot. We stop living in the miracle of excitement, passion and love for helping others.

We slowly start to slip out of our belief in what we’re doing in our businesses. And it gets harder and harder to coach ourselves and to sell our products and services. We lose what inspired us to be in business in the first place. Our own personal transformation.

If you’re in a rut, if you are not selling, and making as much money as you want, if you are not feeling on FIRE with your business, you have to find your inspiration. 

The Mindset Of Growing Your Coaching Business Online

Those thoughts you’re having about whether or not your business will succeed are sabotaging you.

Here’s the truth… you have to get coaching on all those unchecked thoughts.
A daily self coaching practice is vital to keep your energy up. I’m teaching my clients how to coach themselves deeply with their business in the Sales & Confidence Mastery. 

Understand this… staying in inspiration and belief makes you a magnet for new clients and this is true for every aspect INCLUDING your marketing AND sales call.

And if you are like some of my clients, and have never had a major breakthrough, you have to go get one. You HAVE to start with your own results.  

You can’t sell your program or products without being an EXAMPLE of your own product. You have to get coached. You have to blow your own mind. You have to shift how you think COMPLETELY and really see the effect of that in your life. 

KNOWING truly the impact of coaching is my secret to overcoming objections. I KNOW without a doubt in my mind, there is no obstacle that is greater than learning how to use your brain to create anything you want in life.

How To Sell Yourself To A Potential Client

I’ve come up with some points that will get you thinking. I mean, if you want your coaching or consulting business to thrive and create the freedom that provides wealth, you absolutely MUST go deeper with your mind.

The following talking points are a good way to assure them of this fact.

  • What are the most important obstacles you are facing at this moment?
  • Are you missing out on financial opportunities?
  • What are you looking to achieve with coaching?
  • What can I say to interest you in coaching?
  • What is the best thing about your job?
  • Do you feel passionate about your work?
  • If not, what would make you feel passionate?
  • What intrigues you the most about hiring a coach?
  • What is concerning you right now?
  • What is the one question you are afraid to ask me?
  • There’s so much we need to talk about, and we don’t have a lot of time right now. How about we schedule a time for next week?
  • Would you like to know about the individuals I’ve already coached?
  • What would you really like me to help you with right now?
  • Do you have a support system that is really helpful?
  • How are you at achieving your own goals?
  • Are you ready to take full advantage of the opportunities ahead of you, or is something holding you back?
  • What is holding you back from reinventing the way you work?
  • What would you like me to say?
  • What do you really want for yourself that you’ve never told anyone?
  • Is there a skill that you feel like you’re wasting?
  • What consumes your time and doesn’t earn you money?
  • Is there something you’re just tolerating in life?
  • Are you living or just existing?
  • Should your business be making more money?
  • What motivates you?
  • Do you hold yourself back?
  • How much would it be worth to you to achieve your personal goals?
  • Do you do things that really make no sense to you?
  • Is your business improving year to year?
  • Am I your first experience with a professional coach?
  • Can I tell you about the methods I use in my own practice?
  • What would be the ideal solution to your problem?
  • What is in the way of utilizing that perfect solution?
  • What strategies have you been considering?
  • Do you need help?

So either find your inspiration again or go create it.

Clients are waiting on the other side. You started your coaching or consulting business because you wanted more out of life.

You’re smart so go deeper with these points and use them like a tool to build your empire NOW!

Talk soon! xoxo

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