Mastering Your Inner Demons To Grow A Successful Business

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Master your inner game to grow your business with Sharon Lee

Growing a successful business that’s thriving isn’t easy for a lot of entrepreneurs. Many of you who’ve been following me for a while know how badly I struggled with making any money at all in my business for the first two years.

It’s embarrassing! I believe that sharing my failures and what I did to overcome them will help other entrepreneurs.

When our goal is to grow our business, we become singularly focused and drop out of our heart and live exclusively in our head and create all sorts of drama. It’s not until we go deeper and discover that creating success is far more than we initially think it is on a surface level.

Success isn’t what you think it is

It wasn’t until I got over myself and invested into a coach where everything in my life and in my business changed.

I’d heard over and over about the inner game unfortunately I’ve been all about the strategy and the physical aspects of growing a business that my results were disappointing at best.

I was a control freak. Growing my business was all about what I could control… physically.

Plain and simple, I felt like I was just missing some little marketing technique. I must be missing something because after all, I had a great deal of success in my other businesses prior, to the tune of $500K!

I was a successful business owner, why was I failing so miserably now?

Success is an inside job

It seemed like every day, I would go about my marketing tasks and feel like it was a good message but because I didn’t have any clients, I felt like a fraud. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t good enough and I would begin to spiral inward feeling really bad about myself and that maybe I didn’t have anything of value to offer the world.

Enter my coach who transformed my life. She said to me, “Sharon, you’ve got it all backwards.” I perked my ears up and my mouth fell open because deep down I knew she was right. I’d been hearing over and over little bits of information about how my mind was not conditioned to be successful.

My coach continues to tell me that all of the strategy I was doing, was just causing me even more LACK of success. She tells me that 80% of my success would come from me mastering my demons. She goes on to tell me that my physiology or my state of “being” was equally another part of the equation that would catapult my success.

I denied this information for years. I closed my eyes and ears to it. I remember saying to myself that it couldn’t be that easy. It MUST be the strategy.

Investing in myself to FINALLY find out why I wasn’t making any money was the first step in leveling up. Finding out that it was all about my inner game was a shock.

Now, this is all I talk about. Sure, strategy in your business IS important but guess what? It’s only about 20% of the results you’ll see in your business.

Letting go of a limited ego mind

So you see, my BIGGEST problem was belief. I simply didn’t believe my success could be so easy. I didn’t believe that conditioning my mind would factor into reaching a level of success in my business that would give me an abundant life.

I didn’t believe in me.

I didn’t believe in the power of the mind and the energy of my physiology either.

I was living my life and managing my business in so much action that I felt stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed.

As soon as I began mastering my inner game, by conditioning my mind, I let go of my ego mind and created so much more abundance that I never thought was possible.

This fuels my belief and keeps me dedicated and committed to not just help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses but it fuels my belief which educated them on how they can have a truly abundant life.

Turn your life around

Getting out of ego will help you to get out of all the minutiae and into a prosperous, happy, abundant life. The only way out of your frustration is to finally adapt a process of mastering your inner demons and face your limiting beliefs.

In order for you to grow your business, you’ll need to show up in every aspect. You’ll need to show up for your tribe because they’re counting on you.

I see entrepreneurs who think marketing is hard so they don’t do it. They don’t build an email list or anything that would attract prospects to them. They’re simply floundering. At the end of the day, they wonder why they don’t have a successful business.

Understand something, the health of your internal mindset is critical. Over and above anything else that you do in your business, it’s your mindset, energy and physiology that will bring you success.

Journalling will make you a superhero

I have a morning routine that has been a pivotal part of my success as a person and as an entrepreneur.

This morning routine involves what I call “thought work” which involves my thoughts and feelings around my goals for that day. I also do gratitude journaling, which by the way are not simple bullet points.

After all of the training, research and coaching that I’ve had over the last several years, I’ve learned the research behind visualization as well as meditation. These are two factors that I include in my morning routine that literally change my energy and my physiology.

You can create a brand new you, a you 2.0 if you will, simply by adding in the proper mindset work and a morning routine which will set you up for a prosperous day.

Also, I created this affirmation video for you so that you can create more success.

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