10 Ways to Live Life to the Fullest Potential

Live life to the fullest potential

Your fullest potential is not yet met! What a relief right?! Mediocrity is the disease that spreads among us all. Today is your chance to commit to reaching your fullest potential with my blog post “10 ways to live life to the fullest potential.”

If you have been a long-time reader of my blog then you know that I changed my life and went out to live life to the fullest potential after a long life of mediocrity. If you haven’t read that yet then you can read a little here and here. This whole idea of fearless living is my journey not as a life coach but as an ordinary person with her struggles.

I have taken the knowledge that I have gained professionally and applied them to my own life so that I can make a much-needed transformation to live life to the fullest potential. I have lived my life, my entire life for others. That’s not living my life to the fullest potential is it? There I was, helping others with their problems while my life was a lie. How sad.

Well no more!

Do you want to live life to the fullest potential? Online coaching can help!

Live life to the fullest potentialDo you think that you have the potential to do anything? I didn’t…for many, many years. No one told me as a child. Most of us have role models who look out for us and lift us. We tend to go down a lonely road and disregard what those people say.

This can be dangerous.

We can end up sabotaging our own life. If you’re like me, then perhaps you didn’t have someone who would remind you of your potential.

Understand, even if your life is messed up and nothing is going right, you can realize your potential with enough determination, the right resources, and tools. Potential can’t be quantified, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be refined and polished up a bit to allow you to reach a greater level of success.

Here’s an example.

In my online coaching business, I had a young client who wanted to become a high-powered attorney. She had lived a life of low self-esteem which came out of her failure in test-taking. You see she would freeze up with any sort of test and simply fail. She began to make up stories in her mind. Soon she told herself that she could never be smart enough to finish school and take the bar.

Through working together we learned it was her fears that created this failure.

Everyone has different reasons why they don’t live life to the fullest. Are you reaching your full potential? Maybe you simply didn’t know how to reach your potential.

So what do you do if you never realized that you have potential and yet you yearn for a better quality of life?

Get clear about what you want and practice these 10 steps to live life to the fullest potential.

  1. Become more aware. It’s not unusual with busy lives that we tend to not see the endless opportunities which could maximize our potential and better our lives. It’s no surprise that most people complain about getting stuck in the same mental routines and going through life not seeing what we can do. “The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance. ~Nathaniel Branden
  2. Identify and increase your strengths. Your greatest achievements will likely come out of the strengths that you have built within you. Make no mistake on this, fully developing your strengths is no easy task, it will take time. Furthermore, the ability to apply them to all aspects of your life in the manner that you desire will take time and practice.
  3. Work on your weaknesses too. No one wants to stare at their weaknesses square in the face, it takes a big person to do that. This is an example of how addressing this can turn into tremendous personal growth. When you can look at the weaknesses as well as the strengths and continue to improve them each day, you can see this as a sign that you are reaching your fullest potential.
  4. Find a mentor. A good mentor can help to create abundance and avoid struggle. My client who wanted to be a high-powered attorney needed to find her mentor. In your case, look to someone who is doing what you want to achieve, this is the ideal mentor. Keep in mind, they were once where you are today. The best mentors are great teachers.
  5. Set goals. How can you ever dream of the life you want if you don’t set goals? Goals start as dreams. Goal setting is of the utmost importance and not some sort of cliché. It’s important to know specifically where you’re going and this must have a starting point. Goals are exciting to me! Especially now that I have grown enough to understand that I can have it all!
  6. Visualize. You are the producer in your very own movie. This can be an exciting process. Remember when you were a child and you played a role with another child? It’s no different. We need to play a role in our minds so that we can see our dreams come true. Soon you’ll be able to feel it as you rewind it over and over in your mind. You’ll make a mental blueprint of what it is that you want which makes it easier to go out in life and grab it!
  7. Be assertive. This is what I had to do. Take your life back! Being passive in your own life will not create greatness! Notice that assertive people tend to get what they want. I get what I want now too! Want an effective strategy for living life to your fullest potential? Be willing to ask for what you want. It’s risky but worth it!
  8. Get uncomfortable. Do you know how scary it is to grow? You do if you have ever done something new. Starting a new career, asking a lady out on a date, or ending an unacceptable relationship are all examples of stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing personal growth. The greatest achievers frequently go against the grain. Realizing your potential means that you want to try something that is out of the norm and you may just get some flack for it. Don’t let that deter you! It’s scary, it’s uncomfortable but as long as it means that you will live your dreams out then go for it!
  9. Focus on doing instead of thinking. Women are infamous for being over-thinkers and men can get caught up too. My ex was that way and believe me, a lot didn’t get done. When he did it though, wow was it ever done right! That’s a great trait for sure. When you get laser-like focus on your written goals, you are likely to greater results because you will be taking greater ACTION! (Action = RESULTS!)
  10. What matters is working smarter not harder. At the beginning of any new venture, there will be many long hours. There’s a learning curve and tons of hours of work while improving yourself as well as working towards a “next-level” type goal. Some people mistakenly call it hard work. Be careful what you put into your subconscious mind. It’s necessary to work. Look for ways to work smarter! This is ultimately what will catapult you in your success on this journey. Working hard on things that don’t matter won’t help anyone reach their highest potential. Identify what matters and put everything else aside.

Do you feel a burning desire and a passion for life? This is where I am coming from. Look, life is way too short to be mediocre. Fearless living is all about living your dream life. Heck, life is all about… learning and growing and reaching for the stars…asking for what we want, and learning to live life to the fullest potential. Decide to become the best possible version of yourself. What steps are you taking to live life to the fullest potential?

Your Online Coach, Sharon Lee

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