Positive affirmations: Being authentic

Is being authentic to your values, morals, and your appearance important to you? Do you struggle with the fear of rejection for being yourself? In this installment of my positive affirmations, I’ll be sharing some powerful positive affirmations.

These are designed to help you boost your mood, raise your vibration, and set your sights on living true to your authentic self.
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Being different makes me an interesting person. Being unique is something I celebrate. I cherish being able to stand out from the crowd, and be my own individual.

Understanding and accepting my traits, both good and bad, gives me the ability to attract people that are compatible with me.

Rather than just trying to be a part of the group, I hold strongly to my values. I am aligned with attracting only those who embrace me to my core.

Those who do not appreciate my authentic self are not people that I focus my time and energy on. Instead, I focus only on keeping the people in my life who deserve to be there. I embrace those who already want to be a part of it.

When I am being my true self, I feel at ease. I rarely feel nervous and uncomfortable when I act naturally. I’m able to feel happy, and focus on the mission at hand when I avoid trying to be what others expect.

My fun-loving side helps others warm up to me. I can speak fluently and easily about my passions to the people who share them, and I am accepting of the people who do not.

I share my opinions freely and easily shrug it off when someone disagrees. My own perspectives and opinions are my birthright, and so are theirs for them.

I’m unafraid to close the door to those not compatible with my values, interests, and personality. It only opens up another door to find people that I truly belong with.

I choose to wear what best suits my body, mood, and personality. When I look the way I want, I feel comfortable, happy, and confident. People who appreciate my unique tastes are coming to me.

By being myself, I am bringing more and more people into my life who embrace what makes me who I am.

It’s easy for me to let go of the people who don’t show me that they want to be closer to me. Letting go and continuing to be true to myself will bring about opportunities to find the people who do!

being authentic, being myself

I commit to being honest about who I am and what I love. Through being myself, I form only healthy, lasting friendships.

Self-Reflection Questions for Being Authentic:

  1. Am I in a place of resisting, by trying to keep people in my life that I can’t be myself with?
  2. Am I open to receiving people that accept me for who I am? Or, do I try to impress people because I fear rejection?
  3. What are some ways in which I can be more true to myself?