Being Authentic Through Using Self – Life Coaching And Affirmations

Is being authentic to your values, morals, and your appearance important to you?

I think this is an important question but here’s another one to get you thinking… Do you struggle with the fear of rejection for being yourself? I sure did… for many years and in my life coaching sessions, this same issue comes up again and again with my own clients. The question you might have going through your mind is, “how do I stop worrying about what others think so I can focus on being authentic?”

In this blog post, I’ll address this then towards the bottom, I’ll offer affirmations then leave you with reflection question to help you do the self – life coaching on your own.

As I’ve stated before with the other affirmations that I’ve shared with you here on the life coaching blog, I believe positive affirmations are wonderful and can be quite instrumental in keeping positive but doing the deep work is what helps us to get unstuck and move forward.

Being Authentic Might Be Easier Said, Than Done

Have there been times in your life when you felt  like you were lying to the world by not being your true self? This happens when we’re unsure of a situation or maybe even just lacking the confidence to reveal who we truly are to others around us for fear of retribution.

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Rather than wringing our hands or worse, hiding from the world, we’re likely to flourish by revealing our true self to others. Becoming more authentic in your interactions is definitely possible and as your online life coach, let’s unpack it.

In this blog post, I’m sharing with you seven ways where you can practice being authentic. 

Commit to increasing your personal authenticity in these ways:

1.Monitor your feelings closely. When you know and understand your own emotions, you’ll be less likely to behave in ways that contrast with your feelings. Mindfulness will help you tremendously in your quest to be more authentic. Stay in the moment and consider what is going on in your world in the present.

2. Give yourself time. If something happens and you’re unsure of how to react or respond, it’s okay to not react at all. Allow yourself some moments to consider the situation. If you feel pressure to respond, saying something like, “I’m not sure how to respond to that,” can be your best line of action until you’re more confident in your reaction.

3.Catch yourself being inauthentic. When you realize you’ve been less than honest in a given situation, it’s okay to say, “Wait a minute. I changed my mind,” or “Maybe I’m not as sure about this as I thought.” Remind yourself that you have permission to alter your response to anyone
and anything at any time. Then, choose a route that’s more in line with how you honestly feel.

4.Notice what situations prompt you to be disingenuous. Being insincere or untruthful each time you’re around your in-laws or your supervisor, for example, will reveal where your insecurities lie. Do some self-reflection to determine why you’re behaving this way around that person or in that particular situation.

5.Be authentic with others to increase your level of confidence. The ability to be open and honest shows that you like and accept yourself and you’re self-assured. Avoid being afraid or too timid to show others who you really are. Self-confidence goes a long way!

6. Realize that others truly appreciate you when you’re authentic in behavior and comments. Think about how you feel when you’re with someone who’s consistently open with you. It feels comfortable and easy to be with someone you know you can trust. There’s no tension or guesswork involved. If you keep this information in mind, you may find it a little easier to be

7. Show care and gentleness toward others. You might be thinking, “What’s the connection between being caring and being authentic?” If you go out of your way to be polite and kind to others, it will be a natural response to be authentic with them. Once you realize that you hold their feelings in your hands, you’ll know it’s necessary to be gentle and honest with others.

When you expend a little bit of effort on relating to others truthfully and carefully, you’ll gradually find that you like yourself more. When you offer authenticity to others, it sets a wonderful example for those around you. The more authentic you are, the richer the life you’ll live.

Positive Affirmations To Help You Practice Being Authentic

These are designed to help you boost your mood, raise your vibration, and set your sights on living true to your authentic self.

Being different makes me an interesting person. Being unique is something I celebrate. I cherish being able to stand out from the crowd, and be my own individual.

Understanding and accepting my traits, both good and bad, gives me the ability to attract people that are compatible with me.

Rather than just trying to be a part of the group, I hold strongly to my values. I am aligned with attracting only those who embrace me to my core.

Those who do not appreciate my authentic self are not people that I focus my time and energy on. Instead, I focus only on keeping the people in my life who deserve to be there. I embrace those who already want to be a part of it.

When I am being my true self, I feel at ease. I rarely feel nervous and uncomfortable when I act naturally. I’m able to feel happy, and focus on the mission at hand when I avoid trying to be what others expect.

My fun-loving side helps others warm up to me. I can speak fluently and easily about my passions to the people who share them, and I am accepting of the people who do not.

I share my opinions freely and easily shrug it off when someone disagrees. My own perspectives and opinions are my birthright, and so are theirs for them.

I’m unafraid to close the door to those not compatible with my values, interests, and personality. It only opens up another door to find people that I truly belong with.

I choose to wear what best suits my body, mood, and personality. When I look the way I want, I feel comfortable, happy, and confident. People who appreciate my unique tastes are coming to me.

By being myself, I am bringing more and more people into my life who embrace what makes me who I am.

It’s easy for me to let go of the people who don’t show me that they want to be closer to me. Letting go and continuing to be true to myself will bring about opportunities to find the people who do!

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I commit to being honest about who I am and what I love. Through being myself, I form only healthy, lasting friendships.

As your online life coach, I hope you take the following reflection questions as a way of going deeper into your own self coaching. 

Self-Reflection Questions for Being Authentic:

  1. Am I in a place of resisting, by trying to keep people in my life that I can’t be myself with?
  2. Am I open to receiving people that accept me for who I am? Or, do I try to impress people because I fear rejection?
  3. What are some ways in which I can be more true to myself?
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