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"Does life coaching actually work?" This was a fun question that someone recently asked me while I was at a meeting.

She sat across me at a lunch meeting with her elbows on the table resting her chin on her hands. She looked intently at me with her left eyebrow raised higher than the other. 

I thought for just a moment she was mocking me until she reached for a notepad and pen as if she wanted to take notes and learn more about whether or not life coaching actually works or not. 

She really wanted to know what life coaching is and what it's all about.

The Problem

She was stressed, overwhelmed and even sometimes felt she lacked the confidence and clarity that she needed to ask for a raise or get into a new career. 

She'd been living paycheck to paycheck and wanting so desperately to live a more successful life.

I looked at her and saw she was actually serious and really wanted to know the answer.

I was having lunch with a friend who happened to bring her girlfriend whom I'd never met. It's always great to meet new people, especially anyone who is intent on improving their life.

I always love the opportunity to talk about life coaching because according to the stats which I'll get into, are life-changing!

The answer to the question:

Does life coaching really work.

The Solution

I didn't initially answer her question, instead, I asked her a question. "Would it be alright with you if I asked you a question?" It's just a simple question to ask for permission to go deeper with prospects who are interesting in working with me.

She seemed surprised and slightly taken back. I assume she expected a direct answer. 

I began going through a line of questioning (when I want to help my coaching clients, I am curious about what's going on in their lives) about her level of success and her feelings about her life. She seemed very open and even giggled a little as she told me she enjoyed having someone to talk to about her life. 

It was roughly 45 minutes into our conversation and she said to me...

"Boy, if this is anything like what life coaching is about, then I want to do this again. Sharon, I can't believe how good I feel. I feel so much more confident and relaxed. I feel really clear!"

I told her that rather than answering her question directly, I wanted her to experience a mini-life coaching session firsthand. Her response is why I'm so passionate about life coaching and business coaching.

Just like my new friend here, people seldom realize how amazing the experience is to get clarity around what's bothering them the most. My system, "the ascension method" works every time!

does life coaching actually work, coach sharon lee, find a life coach online, online coaching services

So, does life coaching help?

Results of working with a life coach

Throughout the many years that life coaching has been around, this woman that I met with isn't the first to want to know the answer to this question and really understand what the return on investment is with working with a life coach. 

I'd like to present to you some research which will highlight some stats about people polled after getting life coaching services.

The term "life coaching" is used a lot these days and many successful people hire them but... does it work?

Here are some stats to consider.

91.666% Overall satisfaction

The Harvard Business Review discusses that even working with a business coach helps with life coaching. They state that 78% of the time when a business coach is working with their client to help with their business, they end up coaching on personal issues. 

According to LifeHack:

99% of clients are satisfied

96% of clients would hire again

80% improved self-confidence

73% of clients improved their relationships

73% improved their communication skills

86% of businesses who hired a coach said they made an ROI

70% improved their work performance


Does a life coach really change lives?

When prospects who want to work with me, intimate during our free consultation that they want to improve their lives, careers, relationships an,d businesses in the following ways...

So does life coaching work?

I've had people point-blank tell me that they're skeptical and wonder if life coaching can really change your life and be the answer to reaching your goals, creating passionate lives, or making more money and the stats demonstrate that life coaching does actually work. 

Life coaching isn't just for the wealthy either. Life coaching is for anyone who's tired of struggling and really wants to create massive change in their life and is considered to be very affordable. Even my own clients tell me that their life is very different after working with me and they feel more empowered.

The consensus agrees that indeed, life coaching works.

It IS contingent upon the client being vulnerable, which is uncomfortable, and if they do the inner work. Not all coaches are created equal too. I've worked with coaches to help build their businesses and they didn't know any of the coaching techniques. I felt I was doing them dishonor if I wasn't honest with them to push the issue of getting more skills. 

When you're looking for a life coach, you'll want to know the basic coaching techniques that they use. There is no doubt responsibility from both parties to make this a successful outcome. 

But you may have a question that's somewhat related.

How does a life coaching session work?

A lot of people who are seeking to work with an online life coach wonder the details of how the life coaching sessions work. The first part of the process begins with a free consultation. 

Once there's an agreement that you want to move forward, you'll set up your first appointment right then and there. The coach will send you your contract for the length of time you agreed upon which will include the fees and guidelines for homework, etc.

You simply send your signed contract back to your coach, and pay your first invoice. Most coaches like to use online meeting software like Zoom which is so fun to use because you get to see your coach as if they were right in front of you. 

Some clients prefer to go old school and talk on the phone. All of these details are ironed out in the free consultation but most coaches are flexible to go either way. 

A lot of people wonder if life coaching is worth it.

Life coaching is used by people who are serious about reaching new levels in their lives, careers, and in their businesses. Clearly, there are different types of coaches such as ADHD, relationship coaches, and wellness coaches. 

The benefits of working with a certified, professional life coach can help to create massive shifts and drastically change your life.

To your success!

Sharon Lee,

Your Online Life Coach

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